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Yoga Therapy for Insomnia and Sleep Recovery

Yoga Therapy for Insomnia and Sleep Recovery

Lisa Sanfilippo


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Yoga therapy offers a truly holistic approach to solving the growing problem of insomnia. In this book expert yoga therapist Lisa Sanfilippo explains how yoga practices can be used to target the underlying issues that inhibit good quality sleep, with immediate results that build over time.

Learn how to work with clients to release tension in the body that builds up during the day making it difficult to sleep at night. Honouring a natural yogic and Ayurvedic approach, and infusing it with modern neuroscience, Lisa also addresses the deeper emotional reasons for not sleeping well and looks at how lifestyle changes can help to achieve better quality rest. With the body-mind connection at its core, this book shows how to support better health holistically to restore balance in each layer of the body.

Lisa Sanfilippo is a registered yoga therapist and senior yoga teacher at Triyoga and The Life Centre. She has spent 15 years developing the leading yoga workshops for insomnia. She lives in London, UK.

Table of Contents

Section Title Page Action Price
Yoga Therapy for Insomnia and Sleep Recovery: An Integrated Approach to Supporting Healthy Sleep and Sustaining Energy All Day by Lisa Sanfilippo 2
Acknowledgements 11
Disclaimer 13
Introduction to Sleep Recovery: A Yoga Therapy Approach 15
Overcoming Insomnia and Finding Better, More Restful Sleep 15
Insomnia and Sleep Problems: What Are They and How Many People Are Affected? 16
It’s Not Just Mind Over Matter 20
A Personal Story 23
Sleeplessness as a Wake-Up Call 24
Real People, Real Examples 24
Assessment 25
Why Not Just Yoga, and Why Yoga Therapy? 25
A Yoga Therapy Approach 26
The Eight Limbs: Classical Yoga Practices 29
The Five Koshas: A Layered Map 31
Sleep Recovery 38
The Three Ayurvedic Doshas: Physical and Psychological Constitution 39
Meet Some Sleepy People 44
And Now You: Practice as Resource 50
1. Body Recovery 53
The Forces Behind Our Sleep 53
Inside Sleep: We Haven’t Really vWe’ve Switched Off 63
The Sleep Log 67
Body Reconnection: Releasing Tension, Cultivating Interoception 70
Body Recovery for Sleep: Yoga Moves 73
The Sleep Sequences 74
Daytime Yoga: Restoration and Wake Up 77
Simple Sleep Sequence 80
Deeper Sleep Sequence 94
Restorative Poses 109
Advanced Asana Morning Wake-Up 126
2. Energy Recovery for Better Sleep 131
Wired or Tired? Energy Management, Prana Problems and Sleep 131
The Five Pranas: The Movement of Life Force, Grounding and Energizing 133
Daily Energy: An Ayurvedic Perspective 134
Understanding the Body–Brain–Breath–Sleep Connection 137
Yoga for Sleep: Neurophysiology 138
Managing Stress and Relaxation: Breath and the Vagus Nerve 144
Changing Your Breathing: Shifting Your Body and Brain Responses 145
The Practices: Daily Energy Recovery 147
Calming and Sleep-Inducing Breath Practices 150
Relaxation-Inducing Acupressure (Marma) 161
Activating/Wake-Up Breathing Practices 166
3. Mental Recovery 169
Improving ‘Mental Digestion’ 170
Traditional Mind-Over-Matter Cognitive Approaches 171
Retraining Your Brain: A Mind–Meditation–Sleep Theory 174
Tools for Managing the Mind 180
4. Emotional Recovery for Sleep 189
Emotions Can Cause Sleepless Nights 189
Personality, Emotional Reaction and Sleep 191
Part B: Emotions and Overwhelm: Overcoming Post-Traumatic Insomnia 203
5. The Soul 223
What’s Keeping Us Awake May Be ‘Awakening’ Us 224
A Non-Dogmatic, Spiritual Dimension of Yoga Therapy 225
Sleep and States of Consciousness 229
The Chakra System, Waking Up and Alchemical Transformation 230
Strengths and Needs: ‘Excess and Deficiency’ within Each of the Chakras 232
‘Letting Go’: The Power of Limitation, Endings and Finality 237
Finding Meaning in a Fast-Moving World 238
Healing Work as a Meaningful – Even Sacred – Service 241
Blessing between Teacher and Student 242
References ccxlv
About the Author 249
Index 251
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