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Edexcel GCSE (9-1) Physics Student Book

Edexcel GCSE (9-1) Physics Student Book

Mark Levesley | Penny Johnson | Carol Tear


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This Student Book uses the Pearson Checkpoint learning approach, which has been designed to help students to develop the skills required for the exams.

The Checkpoint Teaching and Learning approach will help students to remember the key learning points from each topic, and to use their learning to apply, analyse and evaluate in new contexts. This support will help to develop the full range of skills that will be assessed in the exam.

Other key features of the Student Book include:


  • a Preparing for the Exam section at the end of every Topic, to help students understand how six mark questions will be assessed
  • worked examples for Physics Equations to support students in the recall and application Physics equations
  • Core Practical pages that give students the opportunity to practice answering practical-based exam questions
  • Questions that are all rated on a scale of 1 to 12 using the Pearson Steps system, encouraging students to answer increasingly difficult questions as they progress through the course.



Table of Contents

Section Title Page Action Price
Front Cover Front Cover
Contents iv
Teaching and learning vi
SP1: Motion (Paper 1) 1
SP1a: Vectors and scalars 2
SP1b: Distance/time graphs 4
SP1c: Acceleration 6
SP1d: Velocity/time graphs 8
SP1: Preparing for your exams 10
SP2: Motion and Forces (Paper 1) 11
SP2a: Resultant forces 12
SP2b: Newton’s First Law 14
SP2c: Mass and weight 16
SP2d: Newton’s Second Law 18
SP2d: Core practical – Investigating acceleration 20
SP2e: Newton’s Third Law 22
SP2f: Momentum 24
SP2g: Stopping distances 26
SP2h: Braking distance and energy 28
SP2i: Crash hazards 30
SP2: Preparing for your exams 32
SP3: Conservation of Energy (Paper 1) 33
SP3a: Energy stores and transfers 34
SP3b: Energy efficiency 36
SP3c: Keeping warm 38
SP3d: Stored energies 40
SP3e: Non-renewable resources 42
SP3f: Renewable resources 44
SP3: Preparing for your exams 46
SP4: Waves (Paper 1) 47
SP4a: Describing waves 48
SP4b: Wave speeds 50
SP4b: Core practical – Investigating waves 52
SP4c: Refraction 54
SP4d: Waves crossing boundaries 56
SP4e: Ears and hearing 58
SP4f: Ultrasound 60
SP4g: Infrasound 62
SP4: Preparing for your exams 64
SP5: Light and the Electromagnetic Spectrum (Paper 1) 65
SP5a: Ray diagrams 66
SP5a: Core practical – Investigating refraction 68
SP5b: Colour 70
SP5c: Lenses 72
SP5d: Electromagnetic waves 74
SP5e: The electromagnetic spectrum 76
SP5f: Using the long wavelengths 78
SP5g: Radiation and temperature 80
SP5g: Core practical – Investigating radiation 82
SP5h: Using the short wavelengths 84
SP5i: EM radiation dangers 86
SP5: Preparing for your exams 88
SP6: Radioactivity (Paper 1) 89
SP6a: Atomic models 90
SP6b: Inside atoms 92
SP6c: Electrons and orbits 94
SP6d: Background radiation 96
SP6e: Types of radiation 98
SP6f: Radioactive decay 100
SP6g: Half-life 102
SP6h: Using radioactivity 104
SP6i: Dangers of radioactivity 106
SP6j: Radioactivity in medicine 108
SP6k: Nuclear energy 110
SP6l: Nuclear fission 112
SP6m: Nuclear fusion 114
SP6: Preparing for your exams 116
SP7: Astronomy (Paper 1) 117
SP7a: The Solar System 118
SP7b: Gravity and orbits 120
SP7c: Life cycles of stars 122
SP7d: Red-shift 124
SP7e: Origin of the Universe 126
SP7: Preparing for your exams 128
SP8: Energy – Forces Doing Work / SP9: Forces and their Effects (Paper 2) 129
SP8a: Work and power 130
SP9a: Objects affecting each other 132
SP9b: Vector diagrams 134
SP9c: Rotational forces 136
SP8/SP9: Preparing for your exams 138
SP10: Electricity and Circuits /SP11: Static Electricity (Paper 2) 139
SP10a: Electric circuits 140
SP10b: Current and potential difference 142
SP10c: Current, charge and energy 144
SP10d: Resistance 146
SP10e: More about resistance 148
SP10e: Core practical – Investigating resistance 150
SP10f: Transferring energy 152
SP10g: Power 154
SP10h: Transferring energy by electricity 156
SP10i: Electrical safety 158
SP11a: Charges and static electricity 160
SP11b: Dangers and uses of static electricity 162
SP11c: Electric fields 164
SP10/SP11: Preparing for your exams 166
SP12: Magnetism and the Motor Effect / SP13: Electromagnetic Induction 167
SP12a: Magnets and magnetic fields 168
SP12b: Electromagnetism 170
SP12c: Magnetic forces 172
SP13a: Electromagnetic induction 174
SP13b: The national grid 176
SP13c: Transformers and energy 178
SP12/SP13: Preparing for your exams 180
SP14: Particle Model / SP15: Forces and Matter 181
SP14a: Particles and density 182
SP14a: Core practical – Investigating densities 184
SP14b: Energy and changes of state 186
SP14c: Energy calculations 188
SP14c: Core practical – Investigating water 190
SP14d: Gas temperature and pressure 192
SP14e: Gas pressure and volume 194
SP15a: Bending and stretching 196
SP15b: Extension and energy transfers 198
SP15b: Core practical – Investigating springs 200
SP15c: Pressure in fluids 202
SP15d: Pressure and upthrust 204
SP14/SP15: Preparing for your exams 206
Equations 207
Glossary 210
Index 214
Back Cover Back Cover