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International Patent Litigation

International Patent Litigation

Mr Gwilym Roberts


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International patent litigation presents difficult challenges. Actions taken in one jurisdiction can have unforeseen consequences in another; the time taken in the various jurisdictions to reach a conclusion can vary considerably; and the measures and remedies available differ from country to country. The current lack of a harmonised dispute resolution system, moreover, has given rise to increasing uncertainty as novel procedures, and in some instances new legal systems (eg, the proposed European patent with unitary effect), are put in place. This major title by leading practitioners is a practical guide to patent litigation (and alternatives, if available) in a selection of key jurisdictions. It covers the timescale of proceedings, the availability of interim relief, disclosure, available remedies and costs, among other crucial factors. The book provides a useful comparison of how each jurisdiction deals with the issues that arise and the practical consequences of litigating in each location. This comparison is designed to assist those involved in international patent litigation in devising an effective strategy to manage the litigation and so maximise the chances of a successful outcome, while also reducing unnecessary costs. New to the second edition is expanded coverage of Asia, including chapters on China, Hong Kong, Korea and India, as well as topic-based chapters focused on topical developments surrounding the unitary patent and the European Patent Office. The book is a concise, practical guide for all those involved in the conduct and management of international patent litigation, from in-house professionals (patent managers, patent attorneys and general counsel) to those in private practice.

Table of Contents

Section Title Page Action Price
Title Page 1
Copyright Page 2
Table of Contents 3
Foreword 5
Introduction 7
The European Patent Office 9
The Unified Patent Court 17
Australia 35
Austria 55
China 69
Denmark 101
Finland 123
France 135
Germany 151
Greece 167
Hong Kong 185
India 201
Ireland 227
Italy 243
Japan 259
The Netherlands 287
Poland 309
Portugal 327
South Korea 345
Spain 359
United Kingdom 387
United States 405
About the authors 439