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Cranio-Sacral Integration, Foundation, Second Edition

Cranio-Sacral Integration, Foundation, Second Edition

Thomas Attlee D.O., R.C.S.T.


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This completely updated and revised edition of the seminal foundation text to Cranio-Sacral Therapy presents a unique integration of a wide spectrum of approaches, providing practitioners and students with an up-to-date and authoritative understanding of the discipline.

The book covers the fundamentals of theory as well as the practical skills and techniques needed to carry out Cranio-Sacral work and is colour-coded for ease of use. It includes detailed instructions for treatments, which are clearly explained in extensive case histories and full-colour photographs and illustrations. Based upon the syllabus of the College of Cranio-Sacral Therapy in London, UK, this is an unparalleled resource for practitioners of Cranio-Sacral Therapy and Cranial Osteopathy, and an essential reference for students.

This foundation volume presents a unique integration of the wide spectrum of approaches to Cranio-Sacral therapy, providing practitioners and students with broad understanding of the discipline.
International Therapist
Thomas Attlee is the founder and principal of the College of Cranial-Sacral Therapy in Primrose Hill, London, the first, the largest and the most established college of its kind in Europe. He has been teaching internationally and practising Cranio-Sacral Therapy for over thirty years, seeing many thousands of patients. He lives in London, UK.
This book fills the gap in CST texts - a clear comprehensive introduction to the work.
Fulcrum Journal of the Craniosacral Therapy Association
A fascinating insight into Cranio-sacral work. This foundation text, written in an easy to read format for those training in Cranio-sacral Therapy, would also be beneficial for the Therapist who is not training in this discipline as it will give new and fresh meaning to 'reading the body through the hands'.
The SEED Institute Newsletter

Table of Contents

Section Title Page Action Price
Cranio-Sacral Integration, Foundation, 2nd Ed. Thomas Attlee, D.O, R.C.S.T i
Part I. Introduction: Setting the Scene 9
Ch 1. Amy 10
Ch 2. The Source of Life 11
Ch 3. A Fundamental Platform 15
Ch 4. Cranio-Sacral Integration 19
Ch 5. The Matrix: A Broad Perspective on the Cranio-Sacral System 21
Ch 6. Living in the Material World: Anatomy of the Cranio-Sacral System 27
Ch 7. Cranio-Sacral Motion 51
Ch 8. Treatment: Simply Being There\n, the Inherent Treatment Process,\n Fundamental Principles 56
Ch 9. Stimulus 69
Ch 10. Responses to Treatment 73
Ch 11. To Treat or Not to Treat: Contra-Indications 78
Interlude 1. A Time for Reflection. Key Concepts in Cranio-Sacral Integration. 80
Part II. Essential Concepts 81
Ch 12. Pigs, Elephants and Snakes: The Concept of Quality 82
Ch 13. Fluid Analogies 91
Ch 14. Fulcrums 94
Ch 15. Calm, Quiet Presence: The State of the Practitioner 103
Ch 16. Stillness 111
Part III. A Framework for Integrated Treatment: Basic Skills 115
Ch 17. Integrated Treatment 116
Ch 18. Engagement 1 118
Ch 19. Engagement 2 125
Ch 20. Settling and Grounding: Opening Up the System 131
Ch 21. The Suboccipital Region 141
Ch 22. Core Treatment: Overall Approach 150
Interlude 2: Key Elements in the Overall Approach to Cranio-Sacral Integration 152
Ch 23. Core Treatment: Individual Processes 153
Ch 24. The Spine 155
Ch 25. The Occiput and Spine 160
Ch 26. The Sacrum and Spine 167
Ch 27. The Sphenoid 180
Ch 28. The Temporal Area 194
Ch 29. The Frontal Area 207
Ch 30. The Parietal Area 216
Ch 31. The Falx Cerebri and Falx Release 221
Ch 32. Completion 228
Ch 33. Still Point 230
Ch 34. Practice: An Integrated Treatment Framework 237
Part IV. Further Concepts 241
Ch 35. The Return of Rhythmic Motion 242
Ch 36. Biodynamics, Biomechanics and the Quantum Model 248
Ch 37. Keep Breathing 253
Part V. Fascial Unwinding 259
Ch 38. Fascia 260
Ch 39. Evaluation of the Fascia 271
Ch 40. Fascial Unwinding within the Trunk Region 281
Ch 41. Fascial Unwinding of the Arm 284
Ch 42. Fascial Unwinding of the Leg 296
Ch 43. Fascial Unwinding of the Neck 309
Ch 44. Key Factors in Fascial Unwinding 316
Part VI. Spheno-Basilar Patterns 321
Ch 45. Scales and Arpeggios: Spheno-Basilar Patterns Part 1 – Honing Basic Skills 322
Ch 46. Opus 27 Number 2: Spheno-Basilar Patterns Part 1 – Honing Basic Skills 337
Part VII. The Nervous System 345
Ch 47. The Nervous System: The Basics 346
Ch 48. The Nervous System: Relations with the Cranio-Sacral System 352
Ch 49. The Autonomic Nervous System 365
Ch 50. Double Contacts with the Sacrum 376
Ch 51. Facilitated Segments and T4 Syndrome 385
Ch 52. Autonomic Nervous System Integration 390
Part VIII. Further Contacts and Concepts 399
Ch 53. The Throat 400
Ch 54. Energy Drive 413
Ch 55. The Emotional Body 420
Ch 56. Personal Development 425
Ch 57. Further Contacts 427
Ch 58. Diagnosis 436
Part IX. An Integrated Treatment Approach 443
Ch 59. An Integrated Treatment Approach 444
Part X. Conclusion 451
Ch 60. Cranio-Sacral Integration: A Summary 452
Glossary 455
Notes 463
Index 466
Blank Page