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International Sheep and Wool Handbook

International Sheep and Wool Handbook

D Cottle (Ed)


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This book covers a broad range of topics relevant to the sheep and wool industry in all the main regions of the world. Despite the importance of the sheep industry to Australia, the previous edition was the first publication to have brought together a comprehensive treatment of these topics. This revised book significantly expands on the earlier edition, containing 11 new chapters with all previous chapters updated and expanded. This book is fully international in scope, future developments in all areas are discussed and the sheep meat aspects of the industry are covered in more depth. The contributing authors are influential in the industry through their employment in international Universities, Departments of Primary Industry, research organisations and private companies. The book is designed as a text for tertiary undergraduate and postgraduate students in all years of their courses. It describes the principles upon which various activities in the sheep and wool industry are based, together with the practical implications of these principles. This comprehensive book will also be of interest and benefit to all those involved in the sheep and wool industry, including producers, wool classers, shearers, brokers, traders, exporters and processors. It covers all aspects of the international sheep and wool industry from paddock to plate and from farm to fabric. Major changes in the structure of the sheep and wool industries in all countrties have occured over the last 20 years since the Australian reserve price scheme collapsed in 1991. Both current and likely future developments in all aspects of the industry are covered. The five sections of this book cover the major world sheep and wool industries, biological principles, management, production systems, and the preparation, processing and marketing of meat and wool. References and web links at the end of each chapter list further sources of information.