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Using Art as Research in Learning and Teaching

Using Art as Research in Learning and Teaching

Ross Prior | Malcolm Ross | Shaun McNiff | Dr Kevin Burrows | Dr Maxine Bristow | Dr Libby Byrne | Dr Patricia Fenner | Professor Carole Gray | Professor Fiona Hackney | Dr Sarah Hayes | Petar Jandric | Dr Mitchell Kossak | Dr Megan Lawton | Professory Julian Malins | Professor Shaun McNiff | Mah Rana | Professor Peter Sinapius | Dr Jacqueline Taylor | Dr Daniel Vuillermin | Dr Petronilla Whitfield



Using Art as Research in Learning and Teaching explores various multidisciplinary visual and performing art forms, including creative writing, as ways to provide a rich contribution and understanding to research, learning and teaching. Key figures in the field share their art-based research, arts practice and philosophy, bringing the arts to life within their taught and learnt contexts across a variety of art forms and levels of post-compulsory education. In what is an invaluable collection, this book is directly beneficial to arts researchers and educators, addressing the key challenges and possibilities in a rapidly changing higher education environment. Internationally renowned proponent of arts-based research Professor Shaun McNiff provides the Foreword of this ground-breaking book.
Ross W. Prior is best known for his book Teaching Actors: Knowledge Transfer in Actor Training (Intellect and University of Chicago Press) and his work in applied arts and health as Founding Principal Editor of the Journal of Applied Arts & Health, established in 2009. In 2015, he was appointed inaugural Professor of Learning and Teaching in the Arts in Higher Education at the University of Wolverhampton, United Kingdom.

Table of Contents

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Half Title i
Title iii
Copyright iv
Contents ix
Foreword xi
Preface xvii
Chapter 1: Introduction: Artist–Educator–Researcher 1
Part 1: Aesthetic Education and Ways of Knowing in Art 13
Chapter 2: Art as a Procedure of Truth 15
Chapter 3: ‘Not Sure’: The Didactics of Elusive Knowledge 29
Chapter 4: Art as the Topic, Process and Outcome of Research within Higher Education 43
Chapter 5: A Different Way of Knowing: Assessment and Feedback in Art-Based Research 61
Part 2: Developing Our Practice in Postgraduate Education 75
Chapter 6: Doing Art-Based Research: An Advising Scenario 77
Chapter 7: Research–Practice–Pedagogy: Establishing New Topologies of Doctoral Research in the Arts 91
Chapter 8: The ‘Epistemic Object’ in the Creative Process of Doctoral Inquiry 109
Chapter 9: Finding My Visual Research Voice: Art as the Tool for Research 127
Part 3: Involving Students and Others in Art as Research 143
Chapter 10: Making and Material Affect: From Learning and Teaching to Sharing and Listening 145
Chapter 11: Using Art to Cultivate ‘Medical Humanities Care’ in Chinese Medical Education 163
Chapter 12: Entanglement in Shakespeare’s Text: Using Interpretive Mnemonics with Acting Students with Dyslexia 179
Chapter 13: Dancing as a Wolf: Art-Based Understanding of Autistic Spectrum Condition 199
Part 4: Current and Future Issues in Arts Learning and Teaching 215
Chapter 14: Making Art and Teaching Art: Harnessing the Tension 217
Chapter 15: Future Approaches in Using Artistic Research from Human Experience 235
Notes on Contributors 251
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