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Using Drama to Support Literacy: Activities for Children Aged 7 to 14

Using Drama to Support Literacy: Activities for Children Aged 7 to 14

John Goodwin


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Using tried and tested ideas and activities, this book shows practitioners how drama lessons and activities can be used to improve children's writing, speaking and listening skills. Perfect for the person who might not be used to leading drama-based activities, this book takes a step-by step approach that will help teachers tackle drama with confidence. The book also includes ideas for suitable writing and drama activities, advice on lesson planning, a list of useful resources, examples of children's work, and teachers' comments.

Table of Contents

Section Title Page Action Price
Chapter 1 The villagers of Toundeu-Patar and nearby villages meet to discuss their problems.
Chapter 2 The villagers meet again and talk about how to get the grain to stock the cereal bank, and how to store it
Chapter 3 The meeting continues and the villagers find out that they must have a strong and skilful management committee to make the cereal bank work
Chapter 4 The villagers discuss buying and selling grain, and how the cereal bank can be used to help the poorest families in the village
Chapter 5 Two weeks later, Assane brings a visitor to meet the villagers, and they find out all the things that can go wrong.