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Roma Activism

Roma Activism

Sam Beck | Ana Ivasiuc


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Exploring contemporary debates and developments in Roma-related research and forms of activism, this volume argues for taking up reflexivity as practice in these fields, and advocates a necessary renewal of research sites, methods, and epistemologies. The contributors gathered here – whose professional trajectories often lie at the confluence between activism, academia, and policy or development interventions – are exceptionally well placed to reflect on mainstream practices in all these fields, and, from their particular positions, envision a reimagining of these practices.

Sam Beck is the former director of the New York City Urban Semester Program, and the current director of the Practicing Medicine Program at the College of Human Ecology of Cornell University. He has carried out fieldwork in Iran, Yugoslavia, Romania, Austria, Germany and the United States. With Carl Maida, he edited Toward Engaged Anthropology (2013) and Public Anthropology in a Borderless World (2015).

Ana Ivasiuc is an anthropologist affiliated with the Giessen Centre for the Study of Culture and the Centre for Conflict Studies at the Philipps University in Marburg, Germany. Through her past activity as a research coordinator within a Romani NGO in Romania, she has conducted research at the confluence between Romani activism and academia. She is the winner of the 2017 Herder–Council for European Studies Fellowship.

Table of Contents

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Roma Activism iii
Copyright Page iv
Contents vii
Illustrations ix
Abbreviations x
Preface xii
Introduction — Renewing Research and Romani Activism 1
Part I — Renewing Methods, Renewing Sites 23
Chapter 1 — Neoliberalism and the Spirit of Nongovernmentalism: Toward an Anthroposociology of Roma-Related Engagement and Activism 25
Chapter 2 — Emotions and Procedures: Contradictions of Early Romani Activism in a Postconflict Intervention 45
Chapter 3 — Encounters at the Margins: Activism and Research in Romani Studies in Postsocialist Romania 65
Part II — Renewing Epistemologies 89
Chapter 4 — Paradigm Shift and Romani Studies: Research “on” or “for” and “with” the Roma 91
Chapter 5 — Transgressing Borders: Challenging Racist and Sexist Epistemology 111
Chapter 6 — Alter-Narratives: Seeing Ordinary Agency 129
Part III — Renewing Activisms 151
Chapter 7 — Policy Input on the Front Line: Dilemmas of the Ethical Academic 153
Chapter 8 — Between Global Solidarity and National Belonging: The Politics of Inclusion for Romanlar in Turkey 174
Chapter 9 — “Be Young, Be Roma”: Modern Roma Youth Activism in the Current Panorama of Romani Affairs 197
Index 218