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What the Hell Just Happened?!

What the Hell Just Happened?!

Richy K. Chandler | Richy K. Chandler


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You feel like you' can I put it...falling?'

This inspirational gift book helps readers overcome troubling times in their lives. Through vivid illustrations and positive affirmations, the book shows how you can face your past and embrace your future. The author provides thoughtful tips to remind you of what you can be at your emotionally strongest and smartest.

Written by successful graphic novelist Richy K. Chandler, this will help you face life head-on and appreciate all that is good in your life. Ideal to gift to anyone going through a rough patch, or for use by therapists and counsellors.

When life throws you a curve ball, grab comics pioneer and illustrator extraordinaire Richy K. Chandler's What the Hell Just Happened. In this beautifully drawn comic, not only will you be guided through encounters with the dragons of your past and any heavy anchors of regret, but, with the help of a large mallet, you will also be advised how to thrash a few flying meteors of powerlessness. This is a truly ground-breaking self-help comic!
Dr Sarah Lightman, Eisner-Award winning author and comics artist, and co-founder of Laydeez do Comics
This charming little book by Richy K. Chandler works like a lifebuoy. When you feel down, reach out and grab it. As you travel through this colourfully and weirdly caricaturized world, eventually you will find yourself kicking away from the depths of sadness and reaching toward the light above you.
Chie Kutsuwada, Manga-creator and illustrator

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What the Hell Just Happened?! Comfort and Wisdom for When Your World Falls Apart by Richy K. Chandler 5