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Transitioning in the Workplace

Transitioning in the Workplace

Dana Pizzuti


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Written from the author's own experience of transitioning within a major US corporation, this book prepares transgender people with everything they need to know to successfully transition in the workplace. The first guide of its kind, it offers all the practical advice and support trans people need to be able to balance their career ambitions with their personal needs.

Many businesses lack specific trans-inclusive HR strategies - this guide fills the gap with tools, resources and an easy-to-read breakdown of all the relevant laws and policies. It covers everything from how to come out to colleagues and clients and realistic medical timetables, to introducing a new professional name and creating a workplace support system. This is a must-read guide for every trans person preparing to transition, as well as for managers and HR professionals wishing to support their employees.

Dana Pizzuti is a physician and is currently a Senior Vice President at a U.S. pharmaceutical company. She successfully transitioned at work in 2015, and is now a recognized transgender advocate and a representative for LGBT+ workplace equality in San Francisco.

Table of Contents

Section Title Page Action Price
Transitioning in the Workplace: A Guidebook by Dana Pizzuti 3
Acknowledgments 9
Introduction 13
Part I: Preparing to Transition 25
Chapter 1: Conducting a Personal Situation Analysis 26
Chapter 2: Charting Your Medical Future 53
Chapter 3: Understanding Your Legal Foundation 82
Part II: Bringing Your Transition to Work 111
Chapter 4: Making Your Initial Declaration 112
Chapter 5: Informing Colleagues and Customers 128
Chapter 6: Getting Ready for the First Day Back 141
Part III: Beyond the Reveal 159
Chapter 7: Getting Back to Work 160
Chapter 8: Creating a Support System for the Workplace 175
Chapter 9: Dealing with Difficult People 191
Chapter 10: Making Your Next Move 205
Chapter 11: It All Comes Together 224
Glossary 238
Index 245
Blank Page