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Heart Shock

Heart Shock

Ross Rosen | Dr. Leon Hammer


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This book describes in detail the effects and ongoing impacts of trauma on the body and mind and provides the 'missing piece' in the treatment of these stubborn conditions that every practitioner confronts. Heart Shock refers to the systemic impact that emotional and/or physical trauma has on one's physiology and psychology, interfering with one's ability to heal, and also directly attributable to a host of progressive pathology. Synthesizing the teachings of Jeffrey Yuen and the Shen-Hammer lineage and focusing heavily on psychology, Ross Rosen addresses how to identify, diagnose, and treat Heart Shock from multiple perspectives, providing a multi-faceted approach to treatment, including all the acupuncture channel systems, herbal medicine and the use of essential oils. The approach presented can also be expanded to treat any condition or disease process.

Based on the fundamental concept of resonance (gan ying), many Asian medical
traditions can be seen to be organized around the idea that the Heart is the
"Emperor" of each individual's life. Heart Shock explains how this perspective can
enlighten our understanding of almost all health challenges, perhaps even more so
in contemporary times than in some less stressful eras when social roles were less
fluid. Even within Chinese medicine there are differences between lineages of
various teachers. Ross Rosen has done an admirable job of synthesizing
the Shen/Hammer and Jeffrey Yuen styles of diagnosis and treatment. Heart Shock is both an introduction to, and a fully fleshed out primer on these approaches. Having been a synthesizer of disparate Asian medical systems myself, I must congratulate Ross Rosen on his unique accomplishment, bringing to light information that has never before been integrated into a coherent resource for students and practitioners alike.

Peter Eckman, M.D., Ph.D., M.Ac.(UK), author of In the Footsteps of the Yellow Emperor, The Compleat Acupuncturist, and Grasping the Donkey's Tail
This is a very valuable book. 'Heart Shock or Trauma' was first coined by Dr. John HF. Shen who belongs to our Menghe-Ding Lineage. Dr. Leon Hammer (whom I have been fortunate to know and read his publications) was Dr. Shen's apprentice, and with the advantage of being both a psychiatrist and a Chinese doctor has raised the scope of knowledge to new heights. Ross Rosen's manuscript builds on this information. After reading it I can't help admiring Ross Rosen - without his diligence and wisdom this book could not have been completed. The book shows a full range of levels beyond the ordinary. It offers the reader both an ability to understand the concepts surrounding 'Heart Shock' and also provides detailed explanations of the many healing strategies and treatments. It is worth reading for practitioners or students of Oriental Medicine. I will be recommending this book to TCM doctors in China.
Dr. Ding Yie, Chief Physician & Professor, Long Hua Hospital affiliated to Shanghai University of TCM
Two important currents of Chinese medicine are living in the west at this point in history. They are the schools of Shen-Hammer and Jeffrey Yuen. I say this because of the widespread influence that both traditions of thought enjoy, but also because they are the primary tools that inform the work of Ross Rosen. Heart Shock attends to the medicine in ways that are both illuminating and practical. It holds power to reclaim the heart for the medicine and the patients who find themselves in the care of practitioners who use this work. Articulate and well-written, it contains treatments and strategies that are exemplars of these two living traditions of Chinese medicine.
William Morris, PhD, Co-author of Li Shi-zhen Pulse Studies: An Illustrated Guide
Ross Rosen is a licensed practitioner and Master of Chinese medicine. He is a direct lineage holder and senior certified instructor of Shen-Hammer Pulse Diagnosis, Dragon Rises, Inc. board member, and long-term student of Dr. Leon Hammer and Jeffrey Yuen.?
Heart Shock is a comprehensive exploration of the intricacies pertaining to 'trauma' and its impact on our hearts. Ross Rosen has taken on the arduous task of providing a definitive and rich exposition for the clinician and individuals interested in unraveling more about themselves through the lens of the Shen-Hammer lineage and Classical Chinese Medicine, in addition to his own insights and revelations. The text is filled with time-tested strategies and resourceful modalities to one of life's most perplexing questions - how to treat our 'hearts.'
Jeffrey C. Yuen, Director of Classical Studies, Daoist Traditions College of Chinese Medical Arts
The heart/kidney axis is a physiological metaphor for integrity in the core of the self as the confluence of heaven and earth. The inner tradition of medicine recognizes the primacy of this relationship as contextualizing all treatment. In Heart Shock, Ross Rosen has produced a beautiful synthesis of the Shen/Hammer tradition and Jeffrey Yuen lineage as they address this perspective. This will be an indispensable reference text for students in both traditions. For others it will be a beacon toward a much greater depth of practice. Ross' accomplishment provides inspiration for those of us who strive to be scholar/physicians. Heart Shock offers further evidence that the evolution of medicine is in good hands.
Lonny Jarrett, M.Ac., author of Nourishing Destiny and The Clinical Practice of Chinese Medicine

For some time Ross Rosen has been one of our most important, successful, and innovative pulse instructors. He also has established one of the most successful practices of Chinese medicine of which I am aware so that all that follows in this volume is grounded not only in a profound study of the classics and current scholarship but also in hands-on practice and a background in the martial arts and traditional Chinese esoteric ritual

This volume will establish Ross Rosen as a significant Chinese scholar-practitioner of our time and beyond. Heart Shock is one of the most thorough dissertations I have read on any subject in my long career in science. I feel qualified to speak to this subject in particular having been exposed for years to the clinical and conceptual observations on Heart Shock by Dr. John H.F. Shen with whom I apprenticed for many years and recorded them and my own in several published articles.

Ross Rosen has placed this chosen subject, Heart Shock, within that context in his first part of this volume. He has then further and brilliantly expounded Heart Shock, synthesizing it precisely within the context of the human organism's sophisticated defensive system from the Qi to the Blood and Yuan levels as conceived progressively from the Nei Jing to the present as taught by Jeffrey Yuen.

Dr Leon Hammer

Table of Contents

Section Title Page Action Price
Heart Shock: Diagnosis and Treatment of Trauma with Shen-Hammer and Classical Chinese Medicine by Ross Rosen 2
Foreword by Dr. Leon Hammer 8
Acknowledgments 10
Introduction 13
Part I. Defining Heart Shock 20
Ch 1. Heart Shock: Traumatized Emperor, Chaotic Empire 21
Ch 2. Heart Shock Presentation: Etiology, Signs, Symptoms, and Aggravating Factors 38
Ch 3. Heart Shock Diagnoses and Treatment Principles/Strategies 70
Part II. Channel System Dynamics and Treatments: Acupuncture, Herbal, and Essential Oil Treatments 92
Ch 4. Sinew Meridians 94
Ch 5. Luo Vessels 161
Ch 6. Primary Channels and Five Element Model 210
Ch 7. Divergent Meridians 291
Ch 8. The 8 Extraordinary Channels 333
Ch 9. Gui and Gu 389
Part III. Putting It All Together 416
Ch 10. Case Studies 418
Ch 11. Vignettes 451
Endnotes 457
Subject Index 466
Author Index 473
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