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Open And Shut Case, An: The Story Of Keyhole Or Minimally Invasive Surgery

Open And Shut Case, An: The Story Of Keyhole Or Minimally Invasive Surgery

Wickham John


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Contents xv
About the Author vii
Foreword ix
Acknowledgements xiii
PART I — How, Why, What? 1
Chapter 1 School and War 3
Chapter 2 National Service in the Royal Air Force 13
Chapter 3 Undergraduate Training 23
A short description of the hospital arrangements at this time 28
The Specialist Departments then Started 37
Ophthalmology 37
Dentistry 38
Anaesthetics 38
Psychiatry 39
Neurology 40
Dermatology 41
Orthopaedics 41
Paediatrics 42
Ear Nose and Throat Surgery 43
Social Medicine 43
Gynaecology 44
Obstetrics 45
Obstetrics as a student 45
Forensic Medicine 47
Pathology 48
Biochemistry 48
Haematology 48
Histology and Postmortems 48
Bacteriology 51
The Beginning of the End 51
Time Does Not Stand Still! 53
Chapter 4 House Appointment at Hill End Hospital, St Albans Herts 55
The Second House Appointment 64
So to three months’ more surgery 65
Chapter 5 The Anatomy Demonstrator 77
Chapter 6 Junior Surgical Registrar 83
Vignettes from these years 85
Chapter 7 Middle Grade Surgical Registrar 89
Chapter 8 Senior Surgical Registrar 97
Chapter 9 Fulbright Scholarship USA 101
Chapter 10 Resident Surgical Officer, St Paul’s Hospital 111
PART II — The Adventures of the Fully Trained Surgeon! 117
Chapter 11 Consultant Urologist, St Bartholomew’s Hospital and St Paul’s Hospital, London 119
Chapter 12 Synopsis of the Various Phases of the Development of My Surgical Competence 121
Medical Student 121
Neurosurgical House Surgeon 122
Junior Surgical Houseman General Surgery 122
Junior Surgical Registrar 124
Middle Grade Registrar 125
Senior Registrar 126
Finally the Consultant Appointment 127
What was Then a Typical Day in Theatre Like as a Barts Consultant in 1978? 128
Chapter 13 The Building of the Department of Urology, St Bartholomew’s Hospital and Start of Private Practice 131
Chapter 14 Ancillary Events: Regional Renal Hypothermia and the Intrarenal Society 145
Chapter 15 Consultant Urologist, King Edward VII Hospital and the London Clinic, Civilian Consultant to the Royal Air Force 151
Chapter 16 Dialysis and Renal Transplantation 157
Chapter 17 Disaster: Acute Pancreatitis 161
Chapter 18 Personal Life in the 1980s and Stowe Maries, Westcott, Surrey 165
Other Activities 171
Chapter 19 The Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy and the Endourology Society and Courses at the Institute of Urology 175
Chapter 20 A Slight Deviation — Gall Stones 187
Chapter 21 The Dornier Extracorporeal Lithotripter, The Academic Unit, University of London and Retirement from Barts 191
Back to Urology! 191
Chapter 22 Installation of the Dornier Lithotripter at Welbeck Street, London and the Stone Centre 195
Chapter 23 Minimally Invasive Surgery and the Organisation of the Academic Unit 203
Chapter 24 The Concept of Minimally Invasive Surgery 219
Chapter 25 The Society of Minimally Invasive Surgery, Then Therapy! SMIT 225
Chapter 26 Closure of the Stone Centre and the Move to Devonshire Place and the London Clinic 231
The Consequences of Minimally Invasive Therapy 244
Chapter 27 Closure of St Peter’s Hospital and the Institute of Urology and Transfer of the Rump to the Middlesex Hospital 251
Chapter 28 Guy’s Hospital: A New Lease of Life 255
Chapter 29 The Probot 259
Chapter 30 Postretirement from the NHS and Spreading the Word on Minimally Invasive Surgery 271
Chapter 31 Syclix — Now What Was I to do With My Time? 283
Chapter 32 The Answers to the Initial Three Questions 291
Chapter 33 The National Health Service and its Impact on Medical Ethics 293
The Ethical Changes in Medicine and Nursing 293
What was the Effect of this Newer Ethos on the Practice of Medicine? 297
1. General Practice 297
2. The Practice of Nursing 303
3. The Effects on Surgical Practice 306
Chapter 34 The Final Words 311
As I Travelled Along, Three Salient Areas of Activity Became Apparent 316
In My Early Years, the Experience of Open Surgery 316
The Era of Endoscopic Expansion in Surgery and Minimally Invasiveness 316
The Era of Robotic Surgery 317
Appendix 1 321
Appendix 2 323
Appendix 3 329