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The Renal System Explained - An Illustrated Core Text

The Renal System Explained - An Illustrated Core Text

Sunita R Deshmukh


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This book offers the exam-going student's perspective with the expertise of experienced, specialist contributors. It is primarily written for pre-clinical undergraduate students but also serves as a comprehensive guide for clinical students and a reference for science professionals. It contains core knowledge, identifies and emphasises essential learning points, and also enables readers to explore additional information if they are so inclined. Comprised of clear and concise explanations of key concepts and illustrated with colourful figures and tables throughout, the book covers renal anatomy, physiology, histology, embryology, pathology and clinically relevant aspects with integrative case studies. Information is summarised and categorised into colour-coded boxes, presenting the material in a well organised and easily accessible manner. Key learning points are identified to aid exam preparation, and self-assessment questions based on past papers are provided at the end of each chapter (including multiple-choice, extended-matching and short-answer questions). This learning resource is designed to inspire student interest in the renal system and support exam preparation.

Table of Contents

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List of acronyms
Foreword by Patricia Feeney
Part 1: Five terrible years (1977–1982)
1. The house on Turiassu Street
2. The refugees
3. Coups and operation condor
4. The 1978 World Cup in Argentina
5. The disappeared
6. The secret camps
7. Kidnapped in Porto Alegre: Condor in Brazil
8. Disappeared children found in Chile
9. The grandmothers
10. The UN goes to Argentina
11. The role of the Catholic Church
12. The defectors
13. A bloody coup in Bolivia
14. Paraguay: The iron fist of General Stroessner
15. The nightmare of Remigio Giménez
16. The suffering of Uruguay
17. Chile in the grip of Pinochet
18. The list
Part 2: Light at the end of the tunnel (1983–1989)
19. Where are Carla and Maria Eugenia?
20. The search for Mariana
21. The survivors of La Cacha tell their stories
22. The theology of loopholes
23. Argentina: The return to democracy
24. Uruguay: The military leaves power
25. Paraguay: Stroessner is overthrown
26. Chileans say ‘no’ to Pinochet
27. Clamor closes its doors
Appendix: List of Clamor bulletins and press releases