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Perfecting the Pig Environment

Perfecting the Pig Environment

P Smith, H Crabtree


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Like its predecessor, this publication is written for students and those professionals who choose to work at the sharp end of the pig industry and are driven by a desire to improve the environment that farmers provide for pigs. The authors describe proven monitoring techniques which can also interpret data and automatically implement adjustments to environment control systems. Readers are led through a series of case studies from commercial pig farms. Explanations of the source of problems within pig buildings are provided and augmented by graphical data which are explained in simple terms. In particular, the book makes much reference to I.T. devices already in use within other industries and speculates how these will be increasingly used to help pig farmers integrate more closely with their food chain partners.

Table of Contents

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Las autoras
As autoras
Lista de Acrónimos
Lista de Abreviaturas e Siglas
Detrás de las camaras
Nos bastidores
Capítulo 1:
Cuidar de sí y de los demás: Desigualdades de género en la prestación de cuidados
Cuidar de si e dos outros: Desigualdades de gênero na prestação de cuidados
Capítulo 2:
Formas de violencia de género : Violencia de género en el desplazamiento
Formas de violência de gênero: Violência de gênero em deslocamento
Capítulo 3:
Barreras a servicios de salud sexual y reproductiva: Migración y la búsqueda de atención médica
Barreiras ao acesso à saúde sexual e reprodutiva: Migração e a busca por acesso à saúde
Conclusiones y camino a seguir
Conclusões e o caminho a seguir