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Commercial Poultry Nutr 3

Commercial Poultry Nutr 3

S Leeson


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Commercial Poultry Nutrition has become the standard text for all involved in the commercial poultry industries.  This 3rd edition is a major revision with virtually all sections being updated to accommodate the ever-changing genetic potential of broilers, layers, turkeys, waterfowl and game birds.  The major new look is a double column format for ease of reading. Some 80% of the Tables and Figures have been revised or replaced, and the book is expanded by some 20% to 420 pages. This is a digital reprint of material originally published in 2005.

Table of Contents

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Critical Development Studies Series
Series Editors
Chapter 1: Diving into the Politics of Transnational Fisheries
Chapter 2: Three Waves of Development in Global Fisheries
Chapter 3: Transnational Fishers’ Movements: Birth, Consolidation, Evolution and Contestation
Chapter 4: International Political Spaces: Movements as Actors in Fisheries, Food and Climate Governance.
Chapter 5: Contentious Fisheries Issues: At the Heart of Social and Political Struggles
Chapter 6: Capacities, Alliances, Critical Voices and the Future of Fisheries Justice