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Feminist Theory and Literary Practice

Feminist Theory and Literary Practice

Deborah L. Madsen


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This book is an exploration of women's writing that focuses on the close links between literary texts and the theories that construct those texts as 'women's writing'. Each chapter deals with one of the issues or concepts that have engaged both authors and theorists - rhetoric, work, consciousness, nature, class and race. A detailed analysis shows how each concept has been used by feminists to construct a specific text in such a way that it is received as a work of 'women's writing', particularly in American literature.

Using canonical texts, from Charlotte Perkins Gilman through Kate Chopin and Willa Cather to Alice Walker and Ann Beattie, Madsen engages with the major debates within feminist studies. Moving on from Showalter's groundbreaking work to broaden the trajectory of feminist concern, this book is an accessible account of the varieties of feminist thought within the context of the key American texts.

Table of Contents

Section Title Page Action Price
Contents vii
Preface ix
Introduction: Feminism in America 1
1 Gender and Rhetoric: Liberal Feminism and Mary Rowlandson 35
Survey of Liberal Feminist Theory 35
Liberal Feminism in Praxis 47
References and Selected Further Reading 62
2 Gender and Work: Marxist Feminism and Charlotte Perkins Gilman 65
Survey of Marxist Feminist Theory 65
Marxist Feminism in Praxis 76
References and Selected Further Reading 92
3 Gender and Consciousness: Psychoanalytic Feminism and Kate Chopin 94
Survey of Psychoanalytic Feminist Theory 94
Psychoanalytic Feminism in Praxis 108
References and Selected Further Reading 119
4 Gender and Nature: Eco-feminism and Willa Cather 122
Survey of Eco-feminist Theory 122
Eco-feminism in Praxis 135
References and Selected Further Reading 148
5 Gender and Sexuality: Radical Feminism and Adrienne Rich 152
Survey of Radical Feminist Theory 152
Radical Feminism in Praxis: 170
References and Selected Further Reading 180
6 Gender and Class: Socialist Feminism and Ann Beattie 184
Survey of Socialist Feminist Theory 184
Socialist Feminism in Praxis 196
References and Selected Further Reading 210
7 Gender and Race: Feminism of Colour and Alice Walker, Denise Chávez, Leslie Marmon Silko, Maxine Hong Kingston 213
Survey of Feminism of Colour 214
Third- World Feminism in Praxis 220
References and Selected Further Reading 239
Index 247
abolition 38