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Being Red

Being Red

Ken Livingstone


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In Being Red, Ken Livingstone serves up an account of the Labour Party and its future, at a pivotal moment in its history. Having worked most of his life within the party in various leading roles; as the head of the Greater London Council, as Member of Parliament and as Mayor of London, Livingstone is able to offer insights into the internal workings of the party, and the rise and fall (and potential rise again) of its radical socialist ethos.

Discussing his battle with Boris Johnson, the fight against privatisation and pollution as well as his analysis of Jeremy Corbyn’s arguably radical leadership and its implications for the future, Livingstone displays his trademark honesty and humour, refusing to shy away from controversy or debate.

Published in partnership with the Left Book Club.

Table of Contents

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Cover Cover
Contents v
List of Illustrations vi
Series Preface vii
Editor's Preface ix
Foreword xii
1. The GLC Years: Ken Livingstone in Conversation with Anna Minton 1
2. The GLA Years and Beyond: Ken Livingstone in Conversation with Anna Minton 31
3. Boris Will Be the Death of Me: by Ken Livingstone 62
4. Rebuilding the Party, Rebuilding Britain: by Ken Livingstone 100
5. Ken: A Personal Portrait: Interviewed by Angharad Penrhyn Jones 121
6. 'I Don't Know Much About Art But...': by Jan Woolf 166
Notes 181