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Mothering Your Special Child

Mothering Your Special Child

Carla Marino | Josie Santomauro



So your child has Asperger Syndrome (AS)? You might have noticed that some of his behaviour is a bit different to most kids. That he becomes stressed when faced with change, and he doesn't cope well with criticism or failure.

This book offers a fun and accessible introduction for the mother or carer of a child diagnosed with AS.

Intended as a support tool in the initial period after diagnosis, Mothering Your Special Child is varied and engaging, and addresses questions or concerns that a mother might have, such as 'What are the characteristics of AS?', 'How did my child get AS?', and 'What happens now?'.

Also included are poems, stories, illustrations and activities to help mothers come to terms with and move forward from a child's diagnosis of AS, and work together with the family to support the child.

Mothering Your Special Child will be essential reading for mothers and carers of children in the initial period after a diagnosis of AS.

Josie Santomauro is a full-time writer living in Brisbane, Australia. Her son, Damian, was diagnosed with AS at the age of five. She has written numerous fiction books for children and young adults, and several books on AS. She regularly gives seminars and talks on AS.

Table of Contents

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Introducing Sensemaker
Suitability Assessment
Phase 1: Preparation
Phase 2: Design
Phase 3: Collection
Phase 4: Sensemaking