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Play as Therapy

Play as Therapy

Ted Brown | Steve Harvey | Reinie Cordier | Rodney Cooper | Susan Esdaile | Anita Bundy | Ann Cattanach | Karen Stagnitti | Jennifer Sturgess | Athena Drewes | Virginia Ryan | Gail Whiteford | Judi Parson | Tina Lautaumo | Rachael McDonald


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While paediatric healthcare professionals view play as the treatment tool of choice for children under school age, the theory and practice underpinning play-based therapeutic approaches often remain less clear to individual practitioners. Paediatric intervention approaches are increasingly being questioned, and individual practitioners constantly asked to provide evidence-based practice. In response, a more coherent understanding and fresh discussion on children's play and utilisation of play for therapeutic purposes is needed, especially as societal expectations and lifestyles change.

Play as Therapy provides background theory and practical applications of original research on play assessment and interventions used in therapy. The book offers a solid foundation for identifying and assessing play dysfunction, understanding play in different cultural contexts and considerations when intervening with play. The practical approach is underpinned by theory, research and case vignettes to explain how to utilise play as therapy with challenging children.

Stagnitti (Occupational Science and Therapy Program, Deakin University, Australia) and Cooper (University of Newcastle, Australia) invite contributors from Australia, Europe and the US to provide background and teory and applications of play therapy for assessment and intervention.
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A valuable guide to play-based interventions for children. Individual chapters by experts in the field deal with play theory, practice and assessment. The links between clinical practice and developmental research are highlighted. This excellent book should prove useful to child mental health professionals across the world in their search for effective ways to assist children and their families.
Charles E. Schaefer PhD, RPT-S, Co-founder and Director Emeritus of the Association for Play Therapy, USA
The book is clearly written and each chapter comes with its own reference list, which is useful in itself. The book contains much new material to learn from and reflect on for a wide range of people who work where children play.
This is a comprehensive easy to read book exploring the many facets of play therapy, with chapters written by various experts within the field. It follows a logical progression from theory, through assessment tools, context & lastly, therapy.
Occupational Therapy Australia
It is a book that affirms, excites and challenges... In each chapter are hidden gems of learning and wisdom... Ultimately it is a most valuable source of learning and an invitation to further exploration because its style is engaging and, at the same time, reassuring.
Counselling Children and Young People

Table of Contents

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Chapter One: Introduction
Chapter Two: Theoretical Framework
Chapter Three: Methodology
Chapter Four: Participant Experiences
Chapter Five: Transformations
Chapter Six: Conclusion