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30 Years of Social Change

30 Years of Social Change

Stephen Jones | Jessica Kingsley | Tony Attwood | Luke Beardon | Nisha Dogra | Rex Haigh | Jan Lees | Sarah Carr | Marian Liebmann | Gwen Adshead | Paul Cooper | Priscilla Alderson | Nick Luxmoore | Barbara Kelly | Belinda Hopkins | Joyce Lishman | Michael Mandelstam | Peter Beresford | Dawn Brooker | Christiane Sanderson | Kim Golding | Sally Donovan | Martin Barrow | Vanessa Rogers | Winnie Dunn | Lorraine Nicolle | Nigel Ching | Matthew J. Taylor | Charles Buck | Jennifer Peace Rhind | Carola Beresford-Cooke | CJ Atkinson | Grace Watts | Harriet Ward


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What social change has been achieved over the past 30 years?
What have been the main barriers to progress?
What great achievements can we identify and celebrate today?

Marking Jessica Kingsley Publishers' 30th year of publishing books on social and behavioural issues, this book gathers together over 30 leading thinkers from diverse disciplines - from autism specialists and social workers through to trans rights activists and complementary therapists.

Contributors provide a thoughtful account of how their field of expertise has changed over the past 30 years, and how they see it evolving in the future.

Offering a unique insight into many professions, 30 Years of Social Change highlights much of the positive social change achieved in the past 30 years across these fields and the challenges we face in the future.

Table of Contents

Section Title Page Action Price
Foreword by Jessica Kingsley 7
1. Fake News, Post-Truth and the Glimmer of Hope: Some Changes in the Educational Landscape, 1987–2017 by Paul Cooper 9
2. Gender Diversity by CJ Atkinson 16
3. Mental Health Stigma: Talking and Taboo? by Sarah Carr 20
4. The Stigma of Autism by Luke Beardon 29
5. How Our Understanding of and Approach to Autism Has Developed over 30 Years by Tony Attwood 35
6. What I Have Learnt over Three Decades as a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist by Nisha Dogra 40
7. Breaking the Silence and Secrecy of Childhood Sexual Abuse by Christiane Sanderson 45
8. Dementia: Reflections, 1987–2017 by Dawn Brooker 52
9. A Brief Story of Counselling in Schools Since 1987 by Nick Luxmoore 59
10. Reflections on the Past 30 Years of Restorative Practice in the UK by Belinda Hopkins 64
11. Youth Work: Personal, Social and Political Education by Vanessa Rogers 75
12. Children’s Rights and Power by Priscilla Alderson 80
13. Educational Psychology: The Past 30 Years by Barbara Kelly 85
14. Social Work by Joyce Lishman 95
15. Changing Views on Safeguarding Children Since 1987 by Harriet Ward 99
16. 30 Years of Social Work and the Media by Martin Barrow 108
17. 30 Years in the Field of Adoption and Foster Care by Kim Golding 113
18. Other People’s Children: Adoption by Sally Donovan 122
19. Adult Safeguarding by Michael Mandelstam 127
20. 30 Years of Service User Involvement and Advocacy by Peter Beresford 136
21. The Evolving Sounds of Music Therapy by Grace Watts 143
22. Developments in Art Therapy over the Past 30 Years by Marian Liebmann 149
23. Using a Functional Nutrition Approach by Lorraine Nicolle 156
24. Occupational Therapy: Everyday Acts Become Our Legacy by Winnie Dunn 167
25. Therapeutic Communities: Adapt or Die! by Rex Haigh and Jan Lees 172
26. What Seest Thou Else?: The Past and Future of Forensic Psychotherapy by Gwen Adshead 179
27. Chinese Medicine: A Journey from the Fringes by Charles C. Buck 186
28. Chinese Medicine in the West by Nigel Ching 191
29. Yoga Therapy: A Pleasant Surprise by Matthew Taylor 196
30. Aromatherapy Literature 1987–2017 by Jennifer Peace Rhind 203
31. Developments in Shiatsu over the Past 30 Years by Carola Beresford-Cooke 208
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