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The new and rapidly expanding role of the Chief Data Officer (CDO) is of significant interest and relevance to organisations and data professionals internationally. Written by two practicing CDOs, this book offers a jargon-free, practical guide to making better decisions based on data. 
Content covered includes:

  • why does any organisation need a CDO?
  • the secret ingredients of the successful CDO
  • avoiding the hype cycle
  • building the CDO team
  • who leads the technology?
  • the CDO and data governance: enablement not red tape.
This book will offer key insight for CDOs looking to understand their position better, for aspiring CDOs and data officers looking at career progression, for those recruiting CDOs, and offers essential knowledge for anyone else operating in the current data environment.
Without any doubt, this playbook is a must read for the primary audience, the CDOs. In my opinion, it is equally a must read for the secondary audience, the C-Suite, for the insight on how the role complements their businesses.
Sham Kashikar
ex-Chief Data Officer, Sales and Marketing, Intel
Caroline Carruthers is the first Group Director for Data Management for the Lowell Group and previously was Network Rail’s first Chief Data Officer. As a trustee for CILIP she champions the growing professionalism of the data and information related disciplines.
Peter Jackson was the first Head of Data at The Pensions Regulator and then went on to be the first Chief Data Officer at Southern Water. Peter is driven by a strategic approach to data, and believes strongly in the value of demonstrating the 'art of possible' and expanding colleagues' understanding about data management, data technologies, data science and data governance.
This practical guide is a must-read for data leaders building the foundation of value creation from data.
Katia Walsh
Chief Global Data and Analytics Officer, Vodafone
Brilliant overview for CDOs and senior leadership teams on this emerging and disruptive role. It also offers the reader an understanding of how the CDO - as a catalyst - has the dual task of creating transformational value from data and to greatly contribute towards the new data-driven DNA of the organisation's vision of the future.
Matt Corey
MD, Change Force
This is a book for practitioners by practitioners. It offers must-read insights into the potential of data to transform. Whether de-mystifying the subject for busy C-Suite leaders, or offering practical checklists for first-time CDOs to benchmark progress, there's something here for anyone who cares about harnessing data to improve outcomes. Read. Smile. Exploit.
Tim Carmichael
Chief Data Officer and Chief Analytics Officer, British Army
Nothing, literally nothing, works in a company without the input of data in some shape or form...well said Caroline and Peter!  Data is indeed here to stay.  We’ve got pundits exclaiming that, data is the new oil, the new currency, the new bacon...To all Chief Data Officers and companies looking for a Chief Data Officer, this book is all you need to get started.  Caroline and Peter have thought of everything including the first 100 days in the CDO office!
Vanessa Eriksson
Chief Data Officer Advisor, PwC​
In today’s information-rich world, data-driven organisations have the competitive edge. Data analytics and data-driven insight make the difference between guesswork and timely, evidence-based decision making. Understanding the role of the Chief Data Officer (CDO) is the key to unlocking this potential. This handy, practical book gives you access to the expertise of market-leading practitioners who have harnessed the power of data to deliver real business gains in large-scale companies and organisations. Whether you are an executive looking to transform the use of data in your organisation or an aspiring CDO looking for hints and tips on how to develop your career and make a real impact, this is the book for you.
Nick Poole
Chief Executive Officer, CILIP
A seminal work of impressive depth and scope, The Chief Data Officer's Playbook is essential reading and a critically important addition to professional, corporate, community, and academic library Corporate Management instructional reference collections and supplemental studies lists.
Michael Dunford
Midwest Book Review
The Chief Data Officer's Playbook is the best overall resource available for CDOs and their teams. The release of this book is perfectly timed. The CDO Club tracks CDO hires globally, and last year alone the number of new CDO hires quintupled. The Playbook is a compendium of essential knowledge anyone operating in the current data environment must have.
David Mathison
Chairman, CEO and Founder, CDO Club/CDO Summit