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The No-Nonsense Guide to Project Management

The No-Nonsense Guide to Project Management

Barbara Allan


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This book provides a ‘no-nonsense’ guide to project management which will enable library and information professionals to lead or take part in a wide range of projects from large-scale multi-organisation complex projects through to relatively simple local ones.
Barbara Allan has fully revised and updated her classic 2004 title Project Management to incorporate considerable developments during the past decade, including: the development and wide-scale acceptance of formal project management methodologies; the use of social media to communicate and disseminate information about projects and the large shift in the types of project library and information workers may be involved in.
The text is supported by practical case studies drawn from a wide range of LIS organizations at local, regional, national and international levels. These examples provide an insight into good practice for the practitioner, from an individual working in a voluntary organization on an extremely limited budget, to someone involved in an international project.
Content covered includes:

  • an introduction to project management, project workers and the library and information profession
  • different approaches to project management, the project cycle, the people side of projects and management of change
  • discussion of project methodologies, project management software, open source software, collaborative working software and use of social media
  • project initiation, communication, analysis and project briefs
  • developing project infra-structure, scheduling, working out the finances and carrying out a detailed risk analysis
  • implementation, monitoring and reporting and identifying potential problems
  • current approaches to funding, bidding and tendering, and taking part in audits
  • working in partnerships, in diverse and virtual teams, and managing change
If you are an LIS professional involved in project work of any kind, whether on a managerial, practical, academic or research level, this is an invaluable resource for you.
Barbara Allan is an author and trainer. Her background includes managing workplace and academic libraries. She has spent many years working in business schools where her focus was on enhancing learning, teaching and the student experience, and the internationalization and employability agendas. Her qualifications include a doctorate in education (on the topic of e-mentoring and women into leadership). She is a Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and was awarded a National Teaching Fellowship in 2008.Barbara is a Member of CILIP and the author of several Facet Publishing titles including, Emerging Strategies for Supporting Student Learning (2016), The No-nonsense Guide to Training in Libraries (2013), Supporting Research Students (2009) Project Management (2004) Supervising and Leading Teams in ILS (2006) and Blended Learning (2007).
This book is apt for all LIS professionals at any level who are involved in projects (which is extremely likely) as it can be used for big or small projects alike. However, I feel that this book can be picked up by anyone really as some of the tips in there are useful for general project management too since it features similar cradle-to-grave techniques.

Sadie-Jane Nunis
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