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A Short Introduction to Psychiatry

A Short Introduction to Psychiatry

Linda Gask


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A Short Introduction to Psychiatry is designed to give readers a clear picture of the profession of psychiatry as it is today as well as an understanding of the subject from which to develop further study.

The author describes the development of the profession, the route to qualification and the scope of contemporary practice, including the work done by psychiatrists in a range of specialisms - from child psychiatry to addiction services and forensic psychiatry. Drawing on the experience of people who have been through psychiatric treatment, the book also explores what psychiatry is like from the patient's/user's perspective.

Many criticisms have been levelled against the profession and the author, Linda Gask, summarizes key debates which have been and continue to be played out between psychiatry's critics and its defenders.

A Short Introduction to Psychiatry is for anyone looking into psychiatry for the first time, whether with a view to training or out of more general interest.

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Prelims (Contents, Figures, Tables, Photos, About the author)
1. The history of candlemaking
contributions from Mindy Chillery
2. Feasibility study
contributions from Mindy Chillery
3. Business planning
contributions from Mindy Chillery
4. Marketing
contributions from Mindy Chillery
5. Materials, equipment and techniques
6. Premises, workspace and stock control
7. Innovation, design and intellectual property
8. Case studies
Back Matter (Further information sources)