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Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults and the Law

Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults and the Law

Michael Mandelstam


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The protection of vulnerable adults is a fast emerging area of work for local authorities, the NHS and other agencies. Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults and the Law, sets this within a comprehensive legal framework. The relevant law and guidance is extensive. It includes Department of Health guidance (No Secrets), human rights, the regulation of health and social care providers, the barring of carers from working with vulnerable adults, care standards tribunal cases, mental capacity, undue influence, assault, battery, wilful neglect, ill treatment, manslaughter, murder, theft, fraud, sexual offences, data protection and the sharing of information.

The book focuses on how these areas of law apply to vulnerable adults, and brings together an extensive body of case law to illustrate this. Also covered is how local authorities and the NHS may themselves be implicated in the harm - through abuse, neglect or omission - suffered by vulnerable adults. For example, in terms of  the gross lapses in standards of care, infection control, nutrition and basic dignity sometimes to be found in hospitals.

All those working in community care, adult social work, health care and housing will find this book invaluable. Local authorities, the NHS, voluntary organisations and students will find this to be essential reading.

Case law, careful analysis and sound practice. This is an essential reference for all care home providers and home care agencies.
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Michael Mandelstam has worked independently since 1995 providing legal training, advice and consultancy to local authorities, the NHS and voluntary organisations. Previously he worked for ten years at the Disabled Living Foundation, a national voluntary organisation, before moving to the Social Services Inspectorate at the Department of Health. He holds postgraduate qualifications in law, information studies and history of science and medicine. He has written several books, including Community Care Practice and the Law, now in its fourth edition and Manual Handling in Health and Social Care: an A to Z of Law and Practice, also by Jessica Kingsley Publishers.
The safeguarding of vulnerable adults is a major area of work for protection and enforcement agencies, yet this is the first book to address the legal framework of such efforts. Particular emphasis is put upon issues concerning vulnerable adults harmed by abuse, neglect or omission. Case histories blend with community insights, as well as social and financial harm analysis, in a detailed, in-depth guide.
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1 Origins and Nature of the AT Movement
2 Definitions and Measurement
3 The Political Economy of Diffusion: The Bread Industry in Kenya
4 The Institutional Framework of AT Development and Diffusion: Brick Manufacture in Three African Countries
5 Developing an Appropriate Policy Environment: Small-Scale Sugar Production
6 The Economics of Small: AT in the Industrially Advanced Countries
7 AT, States and Markets
8 The AT-Enabling State