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Good Practice in the Law and Safeguarding Adults

Good Practice in the Law and Safeguarding Adults

Alan Noel Carter | Jacki Pritchard | Mark Pathak | Marilyn Mornington | Geraldine Monaghan | Steve Kirkpatrick | Glyn Hughes | Penny Letts | Simon Leslie | Kathryn Mackay | Rob Harris | Adrian Hughes | David Hewitt | Teresa Gorczynska | Peter Sadler | Kathryn Stone


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Good Practice in the Law and Safeguarding Adults provides an up-to-date summary of developments in the legislative framework and best practice relevant to the area of adult protection work.

It explains legislation that can be used in adult protection work, covering criminal and civil law, and crucial national guidance such as Achieving Best Evidence. Issues covered include confidentiality and information-sharing in adult protection work, capacity issues, police investigations, financial abuse, advocacy, witness support and honour-based violence. The book is illustrated throughout with case studies and good practice points.

This book will be essential reading for anyone working with vulnerable adults, including health and social care workers, care managers, support workers, volunteers, advocates, police, probation staff, prison staff, lawyers training officers and students.

It is a well-edited collection of contributions from a wide variety of practitioners and experts who, between them, provide interesting angles in this comprehensive commentary and account of "safeguarding". Amongst the contributors are social workers, lawyers, an advocate, inspector, judge, nurse, and police officer, and, of course, Jacki Pritchard, the editor, who is an eminent authority on the subject. I found the chapter, "how the police investigate crimes against vulnerable adults", fascinating, useful, and full of good sense.
Caring Times
I found' the explanation of the different professionals involved in adult protection very helpful. Given the breadth of contributors and the content being presented, the book is written in a fairly accessible format... This book is useful for those involved in caring for vulnerable adults.
Dementia Journal
The accessibility of the text, concise overview of legislation and policy, and its application in the real world will not only be interesting to students, but also provide very good examples of reflective writing... The text provides an insight into the work of many others who seemingly have the same goals, but with different ways of achieving them and different regulations governing their methods and understanding of the priorities.
The British Journal of Forensic Practice
This ambitious book brings together a host of perspectives to capture the current state of criminal justice for vulnerable adults while simultaneously offering a reflection on experiences of the past, and the lessons learned from them.
Professional Social Work