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The New Sociological Imagination

The New Sociological Imagination

Steve Fuller


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'This is one of the most ambitious, provocative and persistently engaging sociology books I have read for several years. Specifically, Fuller's achievements are (a) making us think hard about how we need to place the social within a broader context including the biological, (b) placing current disputes into a much longer time frame running back to the 18th century and before, (c) emphasising the link between social thought, religion and global politics in unusual ways. As the book proceeds, a breathtaking range of theorists from anthropology, sociology, philosophy, religion and theology, politics and economics are paraded in front of us and their lessons distilled in lively and generally accessible prose. It is a striking achievement' - Mike Savage, University of Manchester. In this major new invitation to study sociology, Steve Fuller critically examines the history of the social sciences to discover what the key contributions of sociology have been and how relevant they remain. He demonstrates how biological and sociological themes have been intertwined from the beginning of both disciplines from the 19th century to the present day, whilst covering virtually all of sociology's classic theorists and themes. A glossary of key thinkers and concepts is provided. This book sets the agenda for imagining sociology in the 21st century and will attract students and professionals alike.