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Working with Young Homeless People

Working with Young Homeless People

Phil Robinson


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Young homeless people are ordinary young people trapped in an extraordinary situation. This accessible guide provides information and advice on how to understand the needs of these young people, and how to ensure they are supported effectively.

It combines the latest research and practice to establish what works best when helping young homeless people and provides insights into their world through diary excerpts and interviews. Key issues covered include the relationship between drug and alcohol misuse and youth homelessness, current policies on housing and support for homeless youths and strategies for renewing a young person's familial bonds and friendships after an experience of homelessness.

This book is an invaluable guide for anyone working with young homeless people, including youth workers, counsellors, social workers, residential care staff, teachers, health visitors and managers in the housing, education, health and social welfare sectors.

...this is an important book which fills a gap in terms of translating research and working knowledge about youth homelessness into practice. The book's content conforms broadly to its title and presents a very useful resource concerning issues to consider when working with homeless young people. It describes the forms of practical and psychological issues that need to be addressed in assisting young vulnerable people to develop a sense of self-efficacy and hope for the future.
Child and Family Social Work
Phil Robinson, PhD, MPhil (Urban Policy), CQSW, is a qualified social worker who has worked for 35 years in both statutory and voluntary sectors. He is Chief Executive of Quarriers, a registered Scottish charity providing care and support for adults and children with a disability, children and families, young people, homeless young people, people with epilepsy and carers.
This book is insightful, instructive and comprehensive; in short, an excellent read.
Children and Young People Now
Some history, some peer research and a lot of sound advice on working and understanding young people who experience homelessness is what this book provides.
Shines much needed light on the world homeless young people inhabit.
Roof Magazine