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Mind/Body Techniques for Asperger's Syndrome

Mind/Body Techniques for Asperger's Syndrome

Ron Rubio | Irene Brody | Anthony Castrogiovanni



After a few sessions with you, Nathan became aware of how he was carrying himself. We noticed a change in his gait. He was straighter, taller and more assertive in his walking. His gait was that of a confident man... He beamed with pride as I went on and on about how differently he presented himself. It shook me up!'

--letter to Ron Rubio from the mother of a 22-year-old client with Asperger's Syndrome

People with Asperger's Syndrome (AS) typically experience difficulty with balance, coordination and sensory awareness. The mind/body exercises in this book help young people with AS improve these skills, leading to greater self-confidence, and independence.

Easy to use, with photographs to show how exercises are done correctly, these techniques can have an immediate effect on how an individual stands, sits, moves, thinks of him- or herself, and relates to others. The author's approach integrates ideas and practices from disciplines including martial arts, Eastern principles of mindfulness, techniques of visualization, breathing, posture, and movement, and the practice of mentoring.

Mind/Body Techniques for Asperger's Syndrome is an introduction to Pathfinder training techniques for both parents of adolescents with AS and professionals including physical therapists, pediatricians, and special education teachers who work with them.

Read this book for practical support in improving confidence and self-esteem and reducing anxiety and frustration - particularly for clients who find 'talking therapy' challenging. The core principles can however be applied to anyone, and are a thought-provoking method of encouraging introspection and empowerment.
Speech & Language Therapy in Practice
Ron Rubio is Director of the Pathfinder Mentoring Services and the High Point Mountain Aikikai and BodyKi Centre in New York state, and works with males aged 8 to 33 years who have Asperger's syndrome. He has a Yondan (4th degree) black belt in aikido and has practiced the martial arts for over 20 years and has been a professional martial artist and instructor in aikido (Japanese), capoeira (Brazilian) and close combat. He also had a long career as a professional dancer, choreographer and teacher.
The author's approach integrates ideas and practices from martial arts discipline, Eastern principles of mindfulness, visualisation, breathing, principles of posture and movement, and from mentoring.
Human Givens
I found myself pleasantly surprised by the amount of care that has gone into the structure of this book, so if you have enough discipline to apply it, I would recommend this book.
Asperger United

Table of Contents

Section Title Page Action Price
Cast of Characters
Section 1: The General Offensive
Enter the Viking
Broadcasting under Blankets
Inspired by the Monsignor
The Pee that Changed my Ufe
Announcer Wanted
Crossing the Torola River
10 January 1981
The Chickenshlt Journalist
A War on Adjectives
The First Guerrilla Sugar Mill
Section 11: Building the Rearguard
Another Fifty Knee-Bends
War Correspondent In Meanguera
Surround and Destroy
To the Black Road
Welcome, Butterfly
The People are our Mountains
Tamales in Villa Rosario
Sapodillas for All
Burned like a Dog
A Rifle's Been Stolen
Hiding in the Swamp
Hammer and Anvil
Double Time to Jucuaran
The Saddest Christmas
Draining the Sea to Catch the Fish
Section Ill: The Great Battles
The Voice of the Revolution
A Battle in Episodes
Convincing a Gringo
The Bat Cave
Fear is for Men 7
The Earth is a Football
"Marra, Take Your Tit, Give Me Mine"
Playing for Time
To the Cacahuatique Aerial
The Devll's Always Ready
The Eagle Misses His Prey
The Trojan Transmitter
Section IV: Back to Basics
We Live to Fight, We Fight to Win
Pols and Usteners' Circles
Closing The Highways
Armed with Imagination
I'm Llber's Marvl 1
Three Kernels of Corn
One Tortilla for Three Soldiers
The Bridge on the Torola River
The Battle of Arambala
One Pole, Two Poles, Three Poles
General Tuttl Fruttl and Colonel Crazy Pig
Thirteen Years Organised
Chlyo and His Brothers
Section V: On to the Cities
Meeting Our Colleagues
Become a Guerrilla In Twenty Easy Lessons
ATypical Day atVenceremos
The Last Shy Guerrilla
Backroom Heroes
Multi-media Revolution
From Qullapaylln to Madonna
The Stubborn lzote Flower
See You In San 8alvador
Epilogue: When the Fighting Stops