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Children with Mental Disorder and the Law

Children with Mental Disorder and the Law

Anthony Harbour | Mary Mitchell | Wendy Whitaker


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Children and young people with complex mental health needs are increasingly being cared for within specialist mental health care settings, either in the community or in in-patient facilities. With rapid social developments, it can be difficult for carers and practitioners to keep track of the law in this area.

This book provides a guide to the law relating to mental health care for children and young people, their rights and entitlement to service, and discusses important issues in clinical and social care practice such as parental responsibility, Gillick competency and capacity, emergency intervention and detention, assessment of mental illness and confidentiality in practice. A chapter written by Mary Mitchell considers the diagnosis and management of complex mental illness in young people, and a concluding chapter discusses changes in the law.

Jargon-free and accessibly written, this is an invaluable guide for professionals working in child and adolescent health and social care, social workers, youth workers, social welfare policy makers, medical professionals, teachers, educational professionals and students, as well as advocates for children and young people.

Full of important must have information if you work with children and young people.
Professional Social Work
The text is most useful for colleagues working in child and adolescent health or social care but some content is pertinent to educational psychologists. However, the text as a whole can help educational psychologists to understand the complexity of legislation affecting the practice of colleagues encountered at case conferences and in the course of multi-agency working.
British Psychological Society, Debate
Anthony Harbour is a solicitor and an experienced trainer of child and adolescent psychiatrists, and health and social service professionals. He writes in a clear, straightforward way, unburdened by laborious legalese. The book is a safe, reliable resource at times of need.
Mental Health Today
Anthony Harbour's Children with Mental Disorder and the Law is a welcome addition to this field, not least due to its accessible writing style, which will appeal to practitioners and students alike... Clearly written by the contributors, there are a number of strengths to this book: it is logical in its design and structure; it is insightful and informative and provides a coherent lucidity to a complex area... This book can be highly recommended as a thorough guide and valuable contribution to this particular area of the law.
Youth Justice
This is a really useful book for anyone wanting to know more about the law in relation to children's mental health. It is authoritative, but still easy to read. The layout is clear and allows the reader to dip in and out to find references to the information that is relevant to them.
Children and Young People Now
Anthony Harbour is a solicitor in a London practice where he specializes in health and social service law. He is the lead trainer for the Section 12 training for child and adolescent psychiatrists organised by the Royal College of Psychiatrists, UK, and is currently involved in providing training to health and social service professionals on the Mental Capacity Act, the Mental Health Act and various aspects of the law relating to children. He regularly publishes articles and papers on these subjects.

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Chapter 1 Colonialism and Revolution
Chapter 2 The Status Quo: Elites, Soldiers and Dictators
Chapter 3 Rural Haiti: Peasants, Land and the Environment
Chapter 4 Poverty and Urban Life
Chapter 5 Forces for Change
Chapter 6 Refugees and the Diaspora
Chapter 7 Foreign Interventions
Haitian Portraits
Chapter 8 Popular Religion and Culture
Chapter 9 Literature and Language
Chapter 10 The View from Abroad