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Extreme Parenting

Extreme Parenting

Hilton Davis | Sharon Dempsey


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[A] valuable addition to the literature on chronic paediatric illness... The book provides an in depth understanding of the path through chronic illness, illustrating the obvious effects on the child, but also the parents, siblings and the family as a whole across the spectrum from the psychological and social to the physical... There is much to be learnt from this book and it deserves careful reading.'

- from the Foreword by Hilton Davis, Emeritus Professor of Child Health Psychology, King's College London

Parents of children with chronic illnesses experience 'extreme parenting'. Parenting under extreme circumstances, like an extreme sport, challenges us to find our true strengths, to push ourselves physically and emotionally.

This book is a guide and a source of support for parents of children with long-term illnesses. Sharon Dempsey argues that by helping parents to cope with their child's condition we are ultimately helping the child, and that parents are better able to live a full, enjoyable life if they have an awareness of strategies and knowledge to cope with the difficulties of dealing with their child with a chronic illness.

The guide is packed with practical advice, models of exploration and lists of action points, and will empower parents to be good advocates for their children. It will also provide health professionals with invaluable insights into the demands of living with chronic illness.

Sharon Dempsey's well-written, thoughtful and practical guide to caring for a child with a chronic illness is all the more valuable to parents and families, because she speaks from her own experience.
Maria Housden, author of Hannah's Gift: Lessons from a Life Fully Lived
Sharon Dempsey graduated from Queen's University Belfast in 1991 and completed a postgraduate diploma in newspaper journalism at City University, London. She works as a health writer and freelance journalist. Her first book, My Brain Tumour Adventures: The Story of a Little Boy Coping with a Brain Tumour, also published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers, was written for her son Owen who was undergoing treatment for a brain tumour. Owen died in March 2004 at the age of six. Sharon lives in Belfast with her husband Liam and two daughters Kate and Sarah.
I found myself moved at the poignancy of this well-written book. The book addresses material that is painful to think about, such as telling a child they will die. Though difficult, the advice is realistic and emphathic... While you may hope never to need to read such a book, there may be times, whether to help a friend or relative or for professional reasons, where it could prove invaluable. I can certainly highly recommend this work.
Professional Social Work
A guide and source of support for parents of children with long-term illnesses.
Current Awareness Service
What is especially good about this book is that it is not just about how you might be feeling or what the child might be thinking. It offers practical advice on issues such as coping with treatments, communicating with the medical staff involved and ensuring that day-to-day family life is not ignored. Ultimately Extreme Parenting is not only for those families who are going through these experiences; it is also a useful guide for professionals and medical staff to help them gain an insight into the day-to-day reality of caring for a child with a chronic illness.
The Practising Midwife

Table of Contents

Section Title Page Action Price
1. Objective
2. Units of measurement and basic formulae for electricity and energy
3. Introduction to small solar photovoltaic systems
4. The client: Meeting his or her needs
5. Photovoltaic modules
6. Charge regulator
7. Batteries
8. Loads and inverters
9. Choice of cables and electrical protection equipment
10. Quality control and procurement advice
11. Installation of solar systems
12. Maintenance and servicing of small solar systems
13. Recurrent problems and solutions
14. List of necessary tools
15. For further information
16. Glossary
17. Annexes