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Success! Passing the Numeracy Skills Test for Teachers

Success! Passing the Numeracy Skills Test for Teachers

Jenny Lawson | Trish Kreft


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An ESSENTIAL book for anyone who wants to pass the Numeracy Skills Test for Teachers. You must pass this test before starting your course, and this up to date text tells you exactly what to expect and how to prepare for the latest version of the test. There is an emphasis on support and clear guidance throughout, along with plenty of practice material, so you can face the test with confidence and succeed in your application. It provides:

  • a guide to the variety of Initial Teacher Training (ITT) provision and routes into teaching
  • a preparation timeline
  • comprehensive coverage of the numeracy test
  • an audit of your strengths and areas for improvement in numeracy
  • example questions and answers, highlighting common errors, providing top tips for success, with theories and methods fully explained
  • full practice papers plus test-taking and revision strategies
  • discrete topics enable focused learning, with explanations and hundreds of examples
  • larger format pages for ease of use and more memorable learning.

As a long-standing member of the AlphaPlus Consultancy, Jenny Lawson has devised many online tests for trainee teachers. Alongside her teaching and examining career, she has authored, and been the series editor for, numerous texts for ICT and mathematics from KeyStage 1 through to A Level and GNVQs. Now retired from full time teaching, Jenny focuses on her own writing and also offers mentoring for writers wanting to be published.

Trish Kreft has over 35 years’ experience of teaching and managing mathematics and teacher education in a variety of settings, including schools, further education, adult and community learning and university.  Since 2006, Trish has been running her own training company as well as working as an independent consultant in mathematics teacher education, guidance and quality assurance.

Table of Contents

Section Title Page Action Price
Cover Cover 1
Half-title i
Title page iii
Copyright information iv
Table of contents v
Meet the authors vi
Introduction 1
How the book is structured 1
How to use the information in this book 1
Why you need it 2
Overview of the book features 2
1 Preparation and planning: your career path into teaching 3
Routes into teaching 3
School structure 4
What qualifications do you need to enter ITT? 5
What qualities do I need? 5
2 The Professional Skills Tests 6
Who has to take the tests? 6
Booking the test 7
Where to take the tests and what to expect 7
Number of attempts 8
Costs 8
For how long are the tests valid? 8
Special arrangements 9
Preparation for the tests 9
The numeracy skills test 10
FAQs 12
Types of response 12
Top tips for the numeracy skills test 12
3 Numeracy skills 14
3.1 Number 14
Fractions 14
Simplest form/lowest terms 15
Fractions of amounts 16
Decimals 17
Conversions from fractions to decimals and vice versa, and rounding 18
Percentages 20
Converting decimals and fractions to percentages 21
Percentages of amounts 22
Percentage points 24
Proportion involving fractions, percentages and decimals 24
Ratios 25
3.2 Measure 27
Money 27
Amounts of money 27
Conversions from one currency to another 29
Time 30
Distance 32
Area 33
Volume and capacity 35
Conversions from one measure to another 36
3.3 Statistics 39
Averages 39
Mean 39
Median 41
Mode 43
Range 44
Interquartile range 46
Combinations of measures of average 46
3.4 Presentation of data 50
Tables 50
Simple tables 50
Completion of missing entries 53
Multiple questions set against one table 55
Multiple tables 57
Two-way tables 59
Charts 61
Pie charts 61
Bar charts 66
Graphs 75
Scatter graphs 75
Line graphs 77
Cumulative frequency curves 80
Box and whisker diagrams 82
3.5 Algebra 87
Using simple formulae 87
Weighting 88
Speed/time/distance 89
3.6 Numeracy practice papers 91
Numeracy practice paper 1 91
Mental arithmetic questions 91
Onscreen questions 92
Numeracy practice paper 2 98
Mental arithmetic questions 98
Onscreen questions 98
Numeracy practice paper 3 105
Mental arithmetic questions 105
Onscreen questions 106
Numeracy practice paper 4 111
Mental arithmetic questions 111
Onscreen questions 112
Answers 117
Answers to numeracy practice questions 117
Answers to numeracy practice papers 121
Numeracy practice paper 1 121
Mental arithmetic questions 121
Glossary 177
Abbreviations and acronyms 180
Index 181