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Anxiety, Worry, OCD and Panic Attacks - The Definitive Recovery Approach

Anxiety, Worry, OCD and Panic Attacks - The Definitive Recovery Approach

Lauren Callaghan | Adam Shaw, Co-Founder of Trigger


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This book is brought to you by Trigger, as part of our innovative and philanthropic Pullingthetrigger range. Find out more at
From the heart and soul of lifelong mental health sufferer, Adam Shaw, and the expert mind of the renowned psychologist, Lauren Callaghan, this book for young people suffering from anxiety and OCD (ages 6yrs to 17yrs) and their parents and caregivers, is divided into two helpful parts.
Part I explores how Adam struggled with OCD, anxiety and panic attacks as a child, and explains what needed to be done to ensure his path to recovery and beyond. Part II is the treatment and recovery approach for children and young people.
Adam’s first-hand experience and Lauren’s compassionate approach make this a genuinely family-friendly guide. It is an innovative, user-friendly self-help approach which supports and guides children and teenagers who suffer from anxiety and OCD to recovery and beyond. It also includes practical advice and guidance for parents and caregivers.
This complete guide gives you and your family a user-friendly blueprint for mental health support and recovery.

Table of Contents

Section Title Page Action Price
Frontcover 1
Copyright 3
Contents 6
Introduction 7
Part I Adam Shaw - My Story 15
Chapter 1: My Battle with Worry 16
Chapter 2: It’s All My Fault! 21
Chapter 3: Don’t Wish Bad Things 25
Chapter 4: Back from the Brink 28
Chapter 5: The Anxiety Behind the Worries 31
Chapter 6: Anxiety and Obsessional Disorders in Children 35
Chapter 7: The Truth About Anxiety 39
Chapter 8: OCD in Children 45
Part II Pullingthetiggers\rManaging Anxiety in Children 49
Chapter 9: Let’s Meet Skeet 50
Chapter 10: How to Deal with Your Worries 72
Chapter 11: Thinking Traps and Other Ways to Beat Worry 81
Chapter 12: How to Beat OCD 112
Chapter 13: Life Beyond Worry and OCD 135
Chapter 14: The Power of Sleep 138
Chapter 15: Be Brilliant! 141
Part II Managing Anxiety in Teenagers 145
Chapter 16: Getting to Grips with Anxiety 146
Chapter 17: ACCEPT 155
Chapter 18: Are You Falling into Thinking Traps? 163
Chapter 19: EMBRACE 184
Chapter 20: Testing It All Out 197
Chapter 21: CONTROL 212
Chapter 22: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder 224
Chapter 23: Recovery from OCD 241
Chapter 24: Panic Attacks 258
Chapter 25: A Plan for Life Beyond OCD, Anxiety and Worry 269
Conclusion 274
Backcover 285