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OCD, Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Related Depression

OCD, Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Related Depression

Adam Shaw, Co-Founder of Trigger | Lauren Callaghan



From the heart and soul of lifelong mental health sufferer; Adam Shaw, combined with the expert mind of the talented and leading psychologist; Lauren Callaghan, this book is cohesively divided into two helpful parts. Detailed from the separate perspectives of a sufferer and a psychologist is an insight into mental health recovery that sufferers can really relate to.
In Part One we follow Adam’s desperate lifelong struggle with OCD, anxiety, panic attacks and related depression, leading him to the brink of suicide. We witness his journey from the painful despair of a young man who never really understood the illness tormenting him. Meeting Lauren changed his world forever as she guided him on the road to recovery with a life free from mental health issues. Sufferers with any type of mental health condition will identify with Adam’s suffering and the daily struggles he faced. Lauren’s wisdom, expertise and compassionate approach led Adam to recovery and how she did this is captured perfectly as she provides valuable insight into why and how Adam struggled with his condition and what needed to be done to ensure his path to recovery and beyond.
Part Two is Pullingthetrigger, the definitive survival and recovery approach for OCD, anxiety, panic attacks and related depression. It is a unique, user-friendly self-help approach to support and guide mild, moderate and severe sufferers to a place called recovery and beyond.

Adam Shaw is a UK philanthropist. Now in recovery from mental health issues himself, he is committed to helping others suffering from debilitating mental health issues through the global charity he co-founded, The Shaw Mind Foundation.

Lauren Callaghan (CPsychol, PGDipClinPsych, PgCert, MA (hons), LLB (hons), BA), born and educated in New Zealand, is an innovative industry leading psychologist based in London. Lauren is renowned as an expert in the field of mental health, recognised for diagnosing and successfully treating OCD and anxiety related illnesses in particularLauren also acts as a guest lecturer and honorary researcher at the Institute of Psychiatry Kings College, UCL.

Table of Contents

Section Title Page Action Price
Cover\r Cover
Title i
Copyright iii
Dedication iv
Table of Contents vi
Introduction 1
PART I Adam’ s Story 15
Chapter 1 Admission 16
Chapter 2 Beginnings 25
Chapter 3 Air Crash 33
Chapter 4 The Keys to My Anxiety 47
Chapter 5 Breaking Down and Telling All 58
Chapter 6 ‘Just Fear’ 66
Chapter 7 The Point of No Return? 76
Chapter 8 The End of the Beginning 85
PART II Pullingthetrigger® 94
Section 1 Accept 95
Section 2 Embrace 131
Section 3 Control 178
Section 4 Depression and Panic Attacks –\rthe By-Products of Anxiety 192
Section 5 Fitness and Diet 221
Section 6 Family and Friends 227
Section 7 Medication 236
Section 8 Life after Anxiety – Recovery and the Place Beyond 240
Conclusion 246
Index 255
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