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The Literature of Wales

The Literature of Wales

Dafydd R. Johnston


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A concise and authoritative survey of the Welsh- and English-language literatures of Wales from the earliest period up to the present day. This illustrated guide, containing extracts from original texts with English translations, is a revised version of Professor Dafydd Johnston’s volume in the University of Wales Press Pocket Guide series, and includes a new chapter on contemporary writing.

Table of Contents

Section Title Page Action Price
Front Cover Front Cover
Title Page iii
Copyright Page iv
Contents v
Acknowledgements vii
List of illustrations ix
Preface to the First Edition xi
Preface to the Second Edition xiii
Chapter 1: Heroic Poetry 1
Chapter 2: Early Medieval Poetry 13
Chapter 3: Medieval Prose 23
Chapter 4: Medieval Poetry 39
Chapter 5: The Renaissance 63
Chapter 6: The Eighteenth Century 77
Chapter 7: The Victorian Age 95
Chapter 8: The Literary Revival of the Early Twentieth Century 109
Chapter 9: The Inter-War Years 125
Chapter 10: Post-War Literature 153
Chapter 11: The Later Twentieth Century 167
Chapter 12: Contemporary Literature 179
Further Reading 193
Index 197
Back Cover Back Cover