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What to Do about Smearing

What to Do about Smearing

Kate E. Reynolds | Lucy Pulleyblank



Addressing the often hidden, yet not uncommon, behaviour of faecal smearing among children and adults with autism and developmental and intellectual disabilities, this practical handbook shows how to tackle this often embarrassing and difficult issue in a positive way.

Informing parents and caregivers of the many causes of smearing, the author offers tried-and-tested, everyday approaches for managing this behaviour. This supportive guidebook includes down-to-earth advice, helpful picture narratives, examples of how to prepare and use diary sheets for behaviour analysis, and practical exercises that can be carried out at home. There is also advice on what to do if a child ingests faeces, and dealing with persistent or recurring smearing. With a focus on positive low-arousal responses and featuring the voices of parents who have experience of their child's smearing, families will feel supported and confident in identifying the causes of smearing, and be able to choose and carry out appropriate preventative approaches. This will also be a useful resource for professionals who encounter smearing behaviour, including social workers and SEN and teaching staff.

This book will help with understanding a condition that is distressing and challenging for both carers and professionals. It explores the underlying causes and gives practical approaches for help.

Smearing is a topic that is rarely addressed, and this book will help to promote discussion and knowledge.

Eve Fleming, Community Paediatrician
Kate E. Reynolds, MSc (Dist) BSc. RGN. PGDipHEd. PGDipCouns., has two children on the autism spectrum, one with development delays and intellectual disabilities. This gives her unique insight into some of the issues affecting such children. She is the author of several JKP titles, including the Sexuality and Safety with Tom and Ellie series. Kate lives in Wiltshire, UK.

Table of Contents

Section Title Page Action Price
What to Do about Smearing – A Practical Guide for Parents and Caregivers of People with Autism, Developmental and Intellectual Disablities by Kate E. Reynolds 3
Acknowledgements 6
Introduction 9
1. What is Smearing? 16
2. Causes of Smearing 25
3. How to Manage Smearing 54
4. Eating Faeces 116
5. Recurrence of Smearing and/or Ingesting Faeces 141
Appendix 1 - Agencies 147
Appendix 2 - Diagnostic Criteria 150
References 152
Index 160