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China Rising

China Rising

Guoli Liu


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This comprehensive text examines Chinese foreign policy with a focus on the recent dramatic changes in China's place and role in the world. Covering both the economic and security dimensions of China's foreign policymaking as well as its key bilateral relationships, it offers students a clear and systematic introduction to the key challenges and prospects posed by China's rise. Using a wealth of sources, the book explores how the Chinese perceive their country's growing role and considers whether Chinese foreign policy is still conducted, as it has been traditionally, in line with what the Chinese regard as being core values and national interests, particularly a territorial and sovereign integrity, political independence and modernization, as well as a great power status.
Written by an expert in Chinese politics and foreign policy, this accessible book offers a unique analysis of contemporary China, and is suited to students interested in the development of China's foreign policy and its evolving place in the world order.
Guoli Liu is Professor of Political Science at the College of Charleston, South Carolina, USA, and author of several books on foreign policy and Chinese politics. He is a past President of the Association of Chinese Political Studies.

Substantial, thoughtful, and well-written, this is an excellent book which makes clear how China’s rise is changing the world and how the Chinese perceive their country’s growing role within it.’ – Richard W. Hu, University of Hong Kong

‘The assessment is balanced, the analysis is thoughtful, and the insights are profound. A must-read for anyone interested in the history, prospects, and implications of China’s rise and contemporary Chinese foreign policy.’ –Hi Le, Merrimack College, USA

China Rising gives a careful and comprehensive overview of China’s foreign policy.  Liu incorporates the latest changes of policy and direction under President Xi Jinping, and presents the dynamics of China’s strategic thinking and institutions as well as its relationships with important partners, including the United States. The inclusion of key readings and study questions makes China Rising particularly suitable for classroom use.’ – Brantly Womack, University of Virginia, USA

‘As China continues to rise, Chinese foreign policy has increasingly become a focal point of contemporary world politics. Liu’s new book provides excellent answers to such questions as: What is the policymaking process and mechanism in Beijing? What are the top priorities of Chinese foreign policy? What is China’s relationship with the US and its Asian neighbours as well as international organizations? This is a must read for classrooms at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.’ – Quansheng Zhao, American University, USA

Table of Contents

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Contents v
List of Tables and Boxes viii
List of Acronyms x
1 Introduction: China’s Changing Role in World Affairs 1
Chinese Strategic Thinking 2
Objectives of Chinese Foreign Policy 9
Evolution of Chinese Foreign Relations 11
China’s Changing Role in World Affairs 15
Key Reading 20
Study Questions 20
2 The Processes and Mechanisms of Foreign Policy Making 22
The Ccp Central Leadership and Foreign Affairs 22
The State Council and Foreign Ministry 34
The National People’s Congress and Foreign Affairs 38
The Complex Processes of Foreign Policy Making 41
Formal and Informal Diplomacy 43
Key Reading 47
Study Questions 47
3 National Security and Defense Policy 49
The Evolution of Chinese Defense Strategy 49
The Modernization of National Defense 56
Changing Civil–Military Relations 61
The New Security Concept 65
Key Reading 72
Study Questions 72
4 Economic Priority and Foreign Policy 73
Economic Reform and Opening Policy 74
International Trade and Foreign Investment 79
Sustainable Development and Environmental Protection 83
New Challenges and Foreign Policy Implications 86
Key Reading 95
Study Questions 96
5 China and the United States 97
The Evolving Strategic Dimension 99
Broadening Economic Foundations 106
The Critical Role of the Taiwan Issue 109
A Complex and Dynamic Relationship 113
Key Reading 122
Study Questions 123
6 China and its Asian Neighbors 124
Complex Relations with Japan 125
China and the Two Koreas 130
A New Relationship with ASEAN 136
China and India: Two Developing Giants 139
China’s Strategic Partnership with Russia 142
Central Asia and the SCO 149
Key Reading 152
Study Questions 153
7 China’s Growing Global Reach 154
Growing Ties with Africa 155
More Attention to the Middle East 160
China and Latin America 165
Dynamic Interaction with Europe 168
Key Reading 173
Study Questions 173
8 China and International Organizations 174
China’s Participation in the United Nations 175
The World Trade Organization 180
The World Bank and the IMF 184
The World Health Organization 190
Key Reading 192
Study Questions 193
9 Conclusion: Challenges and Prospects 194
Can China Rise Peacefully? 195
The Chinese Dream and New Diplomacy 199
New Challenges and Prospects 204
Key Reading 211
Study Questions 211
References 212
Index 234