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Edexcel GCSE (9-1) History Early Elizabethan England, 1558Ð1588 Student Book

Edexcel GCSE (9-1) History Early Elizabethan England, 1558Ð1588 Student Book

Georgina Blair


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Exam Board: Edexcel

Level: GCSE

Subject: History

First teaching: September 2016

First exams: Summer 2018


Series Editor: Angela Leonard

This Student Book:

  • covers the essential content in the new specification in an engaging way, using detailed narrative, sources, timelines, key words, helpful activities and extension material
  • uses the 'Thinking Historically' approach and activities to help develop conceptual understanding of areas such as evidence, interpretations, causation and change, through targeted activities
  • has 'Writing Historically' features that focus on the writing skills most important to historical success. This literacy support uses the proven Grammar for Writing approach used in many English departments
  • includes lots of exam guidance, with practice questions, sources, sample answers and tips to support preparation for GCSE assessments. 

* These resources have not yet been endorsed. This information is correct as of 31st July 2015, but may be subject to change. You do not have to purchase any resources to deliver our qualification.



Table of Contents

Section Title Page Action Price
Cover Cover
Contents 3
Timeline 6
Chapter 1: Queen, government and religion, 1558-69 8
1.1: The situation on Elizabeth’s accession 9
Society and government in 1558 9
The Virgin Queen 13
Challenges at home and from abroad 15
1.2: The ‘settlement’ of religion 18
The English Reformation 18
1.3: Challenge to the religious settlement 26
The nature and extent of the Puritan challenge 26
1.4: The problem of Mary, Queen of Scots 32
Recap page 37
Writing historically 38
Chapter 2: Challenges to Elizabeth at home and abroad, 1569-88 40
2.1: Plots and revolts at home 41
The Revolt of the Northern Earls, 1569 41
The Ridolfi, Throckmorton and Babington plots 45
Mary, Queen of Scots’ execution 47
Walsingham’s use of spies 48
2.2: Relations with Spain 50
Elizabeth I’s foreign policy aims 51
2.3: Outbreak of war with Spain, 1585-88 59
England’s direct involvement in the Netherlands 1585-88 59
2.4: The Armada 61
Why did Philip II launch the Spanish Armada? 62
How did England defeat the Spanish Armada? 61
Recap page 65
Writing historically 66
Chapter 3: Elizabethan society in the Age of Exploration, 1558-88 68
3.1: Education and leisure 69
Education 69
Leisure 73
3.2: The problem of the poor 77
Who were the poor? 77
Why did poverty increase? 77
Changing attitudes and policies towards the poor 81
3.3: Exploration and voyages of discovery 84
What led Elizabethans to explore? 84
Ship design 87
Drake’s circumnavigation of the globe 88
3.4: Raleigh and Virginia 91
Walter Raleigh’s significance 91
Organising the Virginia project 94
Why was the colonisation of Virginia significant? 95
Why did the attempts to colonise Virginia fail? 95
Recap page 99
Writing historically 100
Early Elizabethan England, 1558-88: Preparing for your exam 103
Answers 109
Index 110