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Edexcel AS and A Level Modular Mathematics Mechanics 5 M5

Edexcel AS and A Level Modular Mathematics Mechanics 5 M5

Keith Pledger


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Edexcel's own course for the GCE specification. Providing the best match to the specification, this book motivates students by making maths easier to learn. Written by chief examiners, it provides student-friendly worked examples and solutions, leading to a wealth of practice questions. Sample past exam papers are included for thorough exam preparation, and regular review sections help to consolidate learning. Opportunities for stretch and challenge are presented throughout the course, and an interactive FREE LiveText CD-ROM contains everything students need to motivate and prepare themselves. The all new Exam Cafe; gives students revision advice, key ideas summaries and an abundance of exam practice, with hints and tips.

Table of Contents

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Cover Cover
Contents ii
About this book iv
Chapter 1: Applications of vectors in mechanics 1
1.1: Simple first order vector differential equations 2
1.2: Simple second order vector differential equations 5
1.3: The work done by a constant force 11
1.4: The vector moment of a force about a point 12
1.5: Analysing systems of forces 17
Summary of key points 26
Chapter 2: Variable mass 28
2.1: The impulse-momentum principle 29
Summary of key points 42
Review Exercise 1 43
Chapter 3: Moments of inertia of a rigid body 50
3.1: The moment of inertia of a standard rigid body about an axis 51
3.2: Further standard results and the radius of gyration 60
3.3: Parallel and perpendicular axes theorems 66
Summary of key points 76
Chapter 4: Rotation of a rigid body about a fixed smooth axis 79
4.1: Kinetic and potential energies of a rotating body 80
4.2: The force that a rotating body exerts on the axis of rotation 85
4.3: Using angular momentum to solve problems involving a rotating body which receives an impulse 92
4.4: The period of a pendulum 98
Summary of key points 106
Review Exercise 2 108
Examination style paper 118
Answers 121
Index 126