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The Family Model PDF

The Family Model PDF

Adrian Falkov


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The Family Model uses an integrated approach to supporting mentally ill parents and their children, for professionals working with parental mental illness.

Table of Contents

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Cover Cover
Half Title i
Copyright ii
Dedication iii
Contents 1
About the author 3
Acknowledgements 4
Chapter 1 Introduction 7
Chapter 2 Overview: breadth, burden, barriers and benefits 23
Chapter 3 Conceptual approaches 65
Chapter 4 The Family Model: introduction 79
Chapter 5 The Family Model: individual domains 109
Chapter 6 The Family Model: relationships and linkages between key domains 153
Chapter 7 The Family Model: approaches to practice 193
Chapter 8 Services and systems organisational frameworks 239
Chapter 9 Prevention and early intervention: achieving family-focused mental health services 265
Chapter 10 Conclusions: challenging the status quo 289
Appendices 299
Further reading and resources 321
The Family Model Handbook Interactive Features 323