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Autism Spectrum Conditions: A guide PDF

Autism Spectrum Conditions: A guide PDF

Steve Hardy


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This guide provides a comprehensive introduction to working with people who have autism spectrum conditions (ASC). The book addresses the needs of people with ASC across the lifespan and across the range of intellectual functioning. Though the content is grounded in evidence-based practice and recent research, the text is intended to be as practical as possible, offering insight into the everyday lives of people with ASC and how staff can best support them.

Table of Contents

Section Title Page Action Price
Cover Cover
Title Page i
Copyright ii
Dedication iii
Contents v
Preface 1
Contributors 3
An introduction to autism spectrum conditions 7
Part 1: Clinical aspects relating to the assessment and treatment of autism spectrum conditions and co-morbid mental health problems 17
Chapter 1: The assessment and diagnosis of autism spectrum disorders 19
Chapter 2: Autistic spectrum disorders: psychopathology and co-morbidity 33
Chapter 3: The use of medication and psychological treatments in autism spectrum conditions 45
Part 2: Service development and transition in the context of current legislation and policy 57
Chapter 4: Legislation and policy 59
Chapter 5: Autism spectrum conditions and services 67
Chapter 6: Transition 81
Chapter 7: Autism spectrum conditions in later life 89
Part 3: Issues of diversity and personal experiences 95
Chapter 8: Diversity and autism spectrum conditions 97
Chapter 9: Autism – a personal perspective 105
Chapter 10: Autism – a carer’s perspective 111
Chapter 11: Women with autism spectrum conditions 117
Part 4: Communication and teaching new skills 127
Chapter 12: Communication and interviewing 129
Chapter 13: Teaching skills 143
Chapter 14: Innovative technology-based interventions for people with autism spectrum disorders 155
Part 5: Offending, risk and research 177
Chapter 15: Autism and offending 179
Chapter 16: Risk management in autism spectrum disorders 189
Chapter 17: Advances in autism research 199
Resources 212