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Intellectual Disabilities and Personality Disorder

Intellectual Disabilities and Personality Disorder

Zillah Webb


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This handbook introduces personality disorders, their epidemiology and how to recognise them. It examines how a personality disorder is shaped by an individual’s intellectual disability and the difficulties this may lead to. It also explores a range of practical approaches to any difficulties that may arise to help staff work more effectively with this client group.

Table of Contents

Section Title Page Action Price
IntellectualDisabilities i
Imprint page ii
Contents iii
About the author 1
Acknowledgements 2
Preface 3
Chapter 1: Personality disorder and individuals with intellectual disabilities 5
Chapter 2: Unhealthy self-image and low self‑esteem 39
Chapter 3: Emotional distress 61
Chapter 4: Difficulties in interpersonal relationships 93
Chapter 5: Difficulties in relationships with staff 123
Chapter 6: Difficulties with self-control and impulsivity 153
Chapter 7: Unhelpful core beliefs and distorted thinking 187
Chapter 8: Physical health problems 219
Chapter 9: Mental health problems 239
Chapter 10: Challenging behaviours 271
Chapter 11: Suicidal behaviour, self-harm and self-injury 321
Chapter 12: Crisis management 359
Chapter 13: Difficulties engaging with services 399
Chapter 14: Tensions, disagreements and unhelpful responses within and between teams 415
Chapter 15: Difficulties with relatives, family and partners 447
Glossary 471