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Between Nationalism and Europeanisation

Between Nationalism and Europeanisation

Nevena Nancheva


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Why do we need European integration in increasingly fragmented and antagonised European societies? How can European integration relate to the national stories we carry about who we are as a nation and where we belong? What to do with the national stories that tell traumatising tales of past loss and sacrifice, and depict others as villains or foes? Can we still claim that our national states are the most legitimate way of organising European political communities today? Engaging with these big questions of European politics, Nevena Nancheva tells a small story from the periphery of Europe. Looking at two post-communist Balkan states ‒ Bulgaria and Macedonia ‒ she explores how their narratives of national identity have changed in the context of Europeanisation and EU membership preparations. In doing so, Nancheva suggests that national identity and European integration might be more relevant than previously thought.

Table of Contents

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Between Nationalism and Europeanisation i
Contents vii
List of Figures and Tables ix
List of Abbreviations xi
Chapter One Introduction: External Europeanisation, Conflict and the Boundaries of National Community 1
Chapter Two National Identity and Political Community in Europe 15
Chapter Three Which Narratives? Studying the Europeanisation of National Identities 35
Chapter Four Identity without Europe: Bulgaria and Macedonia before Europeanisation 47
Chapter Five From Conflict to Reconciliation: The European Ways 79
Chapter Six Narrating National Identity within the Realm of Europe 151
Chapter Seven Conclusion: Legitimacy and the Europeanisation of National Identities 173
Bibliography 187
Index 201