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Art Therapy Exercises

Art Therapy Exercises

Liesl Silverstone | Brian Thorne


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This accessible book comprises a collection of 80 tried-and-tested exercises, with guidelines for applying them and advice for devising new ones. Liesl Silverstone offers a variety of exercises for a diverse and multicultural client base, such as guided fantasies, one-to-one and group work focusing on the group dynamic, and some examples of working with adults with learning difficulties and children.

Focusing on the non-directive, non-interpretive person-centred approach to art therapy, this inspirational book is the perfect complement to Art Therapy – The Person-Centred Way, also by Liesl Silverstone and published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

Art Therapy Exercises is an invaluable book for art therapists and art therapy students, counsellors, psychotherapists and all professionals working in the field of human development.

Liesl Silverstone was a Fellow of the British Association of Counselling (BACP). She was a tutor, counsellor and art therapist for over 30 years, and was the founder of the Person-centred Art Therapy Centre, London.
Liesl Silverstone's new book…is the outcome of a personal and professional life dedicated to the celebration of the imagination and to an unshakeable belief in the resilience of the human spirit …readers will find a veritable cornucopia of exercises which have the potential to open up new vistas and to inspire imaginative journeys of great richness… Simply to read them is itself a voyage of discovery but for many trainers and therapists they will constitute a repertoire on which they can draw as from an inexhaustible well.
From the Foreword by Brian Thorne, Emeritus Professor of Counselling, University of East Anglia.

Table of Contents

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Caroline Sweetman
Avoice of alarm: a historian's view of the family
Anna Arroba
Patriarchy and development in the Arab world
Suad Joseph
Fighting female infanticide by working with midwives: an Indian case study
Ranjani K Murthy
Female-headed families; a comparative perspective of the Caribbean and the developed world
Shelia Stuart
Structures and processes: land, families, and gender relations
susie Jacobs
Women, the law, and the family in Tunisia
Hafidha Chekir
Marginalisation and gay families in Latin America and the Caribbean
Dinnys Luciano Ferdinand
Child-care and the benefits trap: a case from the UK
Annie Oliver
Interview: Maria Isabal Plata of PROFAMILIA
Book review: Kampala Women Getting By: Well-Being in the Time of AIDS by Sandra Wallman et al
Ambreena S Manji
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