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Theatre for Children in Hospital: The Gift of Compassion

Theatre for Children in Hospital: The Gift of Compassion

Persephone Sextou



Recent decades have seen a new appreciation develop for Applied Theatre and the role of art in arts-based activities in healthcare. This book looks specifically at the place of theatre for children who are hospitalized, showing how powerfully it can enhance their social and mental well-being. Child-led performances, for example, can be used as a technique to distract young patients from hospitalization, prepare them for painful procedures, and teach them calming techniques to control their own pre- or post-operative stress. Persephone Sextou details the key theoretical contexts and practical features of theatre for, children, in the process offering motivation, guidance and inspiration for practitioners who want to incorporate performance into their treatment regimen.

Table of Contents

Section Title Page Action Price
Cover Cover
Half Title i
Title iii
Copyright iv
Contents v
Foreword vii
Prologue ix
Introduction 1
Motivation and Beliefs 3
Arts and Health 5
the Structure of the Book 11
Chapter One: A TCH Definition and More… 19
Applied Theatre in Hospitals 21
Theatre As An ‘Antidote’ to Clinical Stress 32
A Playful ‘Marriage’ of Two Cultures, the Artistic with the Clinical in Audience Participation 37
The Artist–Child Synergistic Relationship 44
Ethical Concerns 47
TCH and Therapy 51
Chapter Two: the Distinctive Features of TCH Practice and Research 57
Background Information of the Study 59
Understanding the Clinical Context 60
The Study: Methodology 64
Findings and Discussion: TCH Practice Comes Alive! 70
Chapter Three: TCH As A Choice: ‘I Want to Make A Difference!’ 109
A Philosophical Approach to TCH 111
Aristotle 112
Heraclitus 119
My Philosophy 125
Chapter Four: Concluding Thoughts 127
Summary 129
The Future of TCH 132
Appendices 143
Appendix One: Breathing with Love, the Script 145
Appendix Two: the Shape of our Bedside Theatre Rehearsals 149
Appendix Three: Writing A TCH Proposal Plan (Bid) 154
Appendix Four: Example of Application Letter 156
Appendix Five: Guidance for Applying for NHS Research Ethics Committee Approval (for Researchers Only) 159
Note on the Author 161
Bibliography 163
Index 175
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