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Crime Uncovered: Detective

Crime Uncovered: Detective

Barry Forshaw


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Crime Uncovered: Detective is an examination – and celebration – of the most iconic police detectives in the long and bloody history of crime fiction, film and television, identifying the individual characteristics that define these much-loved figures and discussing how they relate to their surroundings, country and class – and the criminals they relentlessly pursue. Detectiveexamines the changing role of the authority figure in crime fiction and film, and analyses how the most imaginative creators cleverly subvert the key elements of both the detectives themselves and the genre they inhabit. The detectives included cover all the important names, making for a truly international spread.

Table of Contents

Section Title Page Action Price
Cover FC
Half-title 1
Copyright 2
Title 3
Contents 5
Editor’s Introduction 7
Case Studies 15
Inspector Salvo Montalbano 16
Inspector Morse 26
Chief Inspector Jules Maigret 34
Detective Martin Beck 44
Detective Harry Bosch 56
Inspector Kurt Wallander 68
Detective Inspector John Rebus 78
Detective Harry Hole 90
Chief Inspector Javier Falcón 100
Detectives Sarah Lund & Saga Norén 110
Detective Jean-Baptiste Adamsberg 120
Commander Adam Dalgliesh 130
Detective Van Veeteren 142
Interrogation 153
James, P. D. 154
Mankell, Henning 158
Rankin, Ian 164
Wilson, Robert 168
Reports 177
The Modern Maverick Detective 178
Reason and Redemption: The Detective in the Secular Age 190
Talent Enough in his Profession: The Maladroit Detective 200
The New Regionalism in Contemporary Television Police Drama 210
Contributor Biographies 218
BackCover BC