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Fan Phenomena James Bond

Fan Phenomena James Bond

Claire Hines


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Fan Phenomena: James Bond explores the devoted fanbase that has helped make Bond what he is, offering a serious but wholly accessible take on the many different ways that fans have approached, appreciated, and appropriated Bond over the sixty years of his existence from the pages of Ian Fleming’s novels to the screen. The book reveals a fan culture that is richly aware of the history and complexity of the character of Bond and what he represents.

Table of Contents

Section Title Page Action Price
Cover Cover
Title 1
Copyright 2
Contents 3
Introduction 5
The Many Lives of 007: Negotiating Continuity in the Official James Bond Film Series 10
Fan Appreciation no.1 20
James Bond as Transmedia Fan Anomaly 28
The Ideology of ‘Ladykiller Jimmy’: 007 in Alan Moore’s Comics 38
James Bond Fan Edits and the Licence to Cut 50
Fan Appreciation no.2 60
The Phenomenology of James Bond 66
Nobody Does it Better: The Cults of Bond 76
For His Eyes Only? Thoughts on Female Scholarship and Fandom of the Bond Franchise 86
Fan Appreciation no.3 96
‘How to Live the James Bond Lifestyle’: Unpacking the James Bond Lifestyle Guide 100
Fashioning a Bond Vivant: Dressing the Fans of James Bond 108
Resurrecting Bond: Daniel Craig, Masculinity, Identity and Cultural Nostalgia 120
Fan Appreciation no.4 130
A Bloody Big Ship: Queering James Bond and the Rise of 00Q 136
Contributor details 146
Image credits 150
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