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M in the Middle

M in the Middle

The Students of Limpsfield Grange School | Vicky Martin



I'll never have a Card Emporium series of life events: a boyfriend, a fiancé, a husband and a future. A future with lots of sparkly cards celebrating all these big life events. I was on course and now I'm not.

Life after diagnosis isn't easy for M. Back in her wobbly world, there are lots of changes and ups and downs to get used to, not just for M, but for her friends and family too. Faced with an exciting crush, a pushy friend and an unhelpful Headteacher, how long until the beast of anxiety pounces again?

Written by Vicky Martin and the students of Limpsfield Grange, a school for girls with Autism Spectrum Disorder and communication and interaction difficulties, M's story draws on the real life experiences of teens with autism.

The students of Limpsfield Grange, a residential school for girls with communication and interaction difficulties including Autism Spectrum Disorder, wrote this sequel to M is for Autism in workshops with their creative writing tutor, Vicky Martin. Vicky has previously worked on creative writing projects for the Royal Opera House's Education Department, and many theatres, art centres and charities in the UK.
I wanted to wrap my arms around M - and her story - and never let go. This glimpse of the world through her eyes is touching, taut and - most importantly - truthful.
Karen McCombie, author
M in the Middle provides one of the best insights that I have ever read into the world not only of teenage girls but of all people on the spectrum, and does so while still being entertaining, well written, funny and moving. Beyond its obvious readership, it should be required reading for all neurotypical teenagers with the purpose of developing empathy for the struggles their peers on the spectrum face, particularly in mainstream education. I will be recommending it to everyone, everywhere.
Davida Hartman, Director and Senior Educational Psychologist at The Children’s Clinic, Dublin and author of 'The Growing Up Guide for Girls: What Girls on the Autism Spectrum Need to Know!'
An insightful and honest page turner with a distinctive voice and a wonderfully engaging heroine. A truly remarkable achievement by Vicky Martin and the students of Limpsfield Grange.
Katy Birchall, author of 'The It Girl' series
Really nice to hear more about M. She has a brilliant way of describing autism, in particular the sensory experiences and the desire to belong and be 'normal', whilst being aware of her anxiety and her limits. I could relate very much to her need to know why, her need for exact timings and structure, and her confusion about why people don't say exactly what they mean. This book will help a lot of young girls feel a lot less alone.
Alis Rowe, Entrepreneur and Founder of the Curly Hair Project
I really enjoyed reading M in the Middle. It was very believable and easy to identify with M. It's a great project and an important book, as well as being a fab read!
Cathy Cassidy, bestselling author of ‘The Chocolate Box Girls’ series

Table of Contents

Section Title Page Action Price
M in the Middle – Secret Crushes, Mega-Colossal Anxiety and the People’s Republic of Autism by The Students of Limpsfield Grange School and Vicky Martin 6
Part 1 – M’s World 10
Chapter 1 12
Chapter 2 28
Chapter 3 40
Chapter 4 52
Chapter 5 60
Chapter 6 72
Chapter 7 90
Chapter 8 102
Chapter 9 110
Chapter 10 118
Chapter 11 136
Chapter 12 152
Chapter 13 156
Chapter 14 174
Part 2 – WobblyWorld 200
Chapter 15 202
Chapter 16 210
Chapter 17 220
Chapter 18 246
Chapter 19 260
Chapter 20 274
Part 3 – The World of Good 286
Chapter 21 288
Chapter 22 296
Chapter 23 310
Chapter 24 324
Chapter 25 344