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International Migration

International Migration

Jonathon Moses


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Jonathon Moses makes moral, political and economic arguments in favor of the free mobility of human beings across national borders. Pointing to the importance of immigration to the sucess of many nations, he shows that Europe itself now faces a falling population, and has over the past fifty years actively encouraged huge immigration from other countries. There is near consensus across the political spectrum that the free movement of goods and free movement of capital are good for economies, and therefore should apply to people as well.
'Makes a huge contribution to widening the migration debate.'
Birgit Jentsch, National Centre for Migration Studies, UK
'Carefully reasoned, forcefully presented, and passionately argued. Intellectual opponents of free international migration have their work cut out for them.'
Jeffry Frieden, Harvard University
'An excellent book - cogent, well-argued and comprehensive.'
Nigel Harris, author of Thinking the Unthinkable: The Immigration Myth Exposed
'This book stands out in the vast literature on globalization.It speaks with clarity and moral force, and is refreshingly provocative for the boldness of its ideas.'
Amit Bhaduri, Jawaharlal Nehru University
Professor Jonathon W. Moses has been at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) since 1993.

Table of Contents

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Cover\r cover
Contents vii
Preface x
1. Introduction 1
A timely argument… 3
… a good argument … 7
…but a difficult argument 13
2. Two Paradoxes of Globalization 18
Economic Inequalities 19
Political Inequalities 24
Growing Demand for Migration 30
3. Some Historical Perspective 35
Migration in the Long Arc of History 37
The Mercantilist Period 42
The Liberal Period 45
The New Liberal Period 49
Conclusion 55
4. The Moral Argument 57
Mobility as a Universal Right 59
The Instrumentalist Argument 72
Conclusion 76
5. A Political Argument 78
The Problem with Closed Borders: The Case of Apartheid 82
A Market-based Approach 90
The Political Benefits of Free Migration 99
6. An Economic Argument 105
Host-country Benefits 111
Sending-country Benefits 123
International Benefits 131
Conclusion 134
7. Who Opposes Free Migration? 136
Public Opinion 138
The Undying State 143
Diffuse and Particular Interests 149
8. Questioning Conventional Wisdom 164
The Great Flood of Immigrants 165
Brain Drain 173
Migration’s Effect on Culture 176
The Challenge of Political Realism 183
Security Concerns 189
9. Conclusion and Policy Responses 195
Policy Responses 199
Broadening the Debate 207
Notes 212
Preface 212
Chapter 1 212
Chapter 2 213
Chapter 3 219
Chapter 4 221
Chapter 5 224
Chapter 6 229
Chapter 7 234
Chapter 8 237
Chapter 9 241
Suggested Reading 243
Index 246