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Professional Development, Reflection and Enquiry

Professional Development, Reflection and Enquiry

Christine Forde,Margery McMahon,Alastair D McPhee,Fiona Patrick


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'Wow, this book has some inspiring ideas..Well written, with an attractive layout and a consistently clear voice, it draws on wide and up-to-date research and writing from all parts of the United Kingdom There are no easy answers in this book, but plenty of powerful ideas that might help us ask useful questions about how Continuing Professional Development (CPD) encourages a commitment to professional and personal growth, and increases self-confidence, job satisfaction and enthusiasm for working with children and colleagues. This is what being a professional is all about' - Times Educational Supplement, Book of the Week. Teaching professionals need to be able to successfully respond to change, and when necessary drive change within schools. To accomplish this, teachers need to be secure in their understanding of their place within the profession and their teaching identity. The focus of this book is upon enabling teachers to explore new ways of working with children, with colleagues and with communities. This book provides teachers working towards Advanced Skills Teacher or Chartered Teacher status, and those on other CPD courses, with an essential text to assist in this process of personal and professional reflection and development planning.

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Preface by Paul Oliver vii
1 Introduction
2 General considerations
3 Choosing a suitable soil
4 How to determine and improve quality
5 Wall construction
6 Roofs
7 Foundations and floors
8 Protection