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Kurt Kren

Kurt Kren

Nicky Hamlyn | Simon Payne | Al Rees


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Kurt Kren was a vital figure in Austrian avant-garde cinema of the post-war period. His structural films, often shot frame-by-frame following elaborately pre-scored charts and diagrams, have influenced filmmakers for decades, even as Kren himself has remained a nomadic and obscure public figure. Kurt Kren, edited by Nicky Hamlyn, Simon Payne, and A. L. Rees, brings together interviews with Kren, film scores, and classic, out-of-print essays, alongside the reflections of contemporary academics and filmmakers, to add much-needed critical discussion of Kren’s legacy. Taken together, the collection challenges the canonical view of Kren that ignores his underground lineage and powerful, lyrical imagery.

Table of Contents

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Title iii
Copyright iv
Contents v
Acknowledgements xi
Introduction: Not Reconciled – The Structural Films of Kurt Kren 1
1/57 Versuch mit synthetischem Ton (Test) 9
Kurt Kren and Sound 15
2/60 48 Köpfe aus dem Szondi-Test 29
3/60 Bäume im Herbst 39
3/60 Bäume im Herbst 47
Time-Splits: 4/61 Mauern pos.-neg. & Weg and 31/75 Asyl 53
Strategies in Black and White: 4/61 Mauern pos.-neg. & Weg and 11/65 Bild Helga Philipp 67
5/62 Fenstergucker, Abfall, etc. 75
15/67 TV 83
17/68 Grün-Rot 91
Negation and Contradiction in Kurt Kren’s Films: 32/76 An W + B, 18/68 Venecia Kaputt and 42/83 No Film 99
20/68 Schatzi 109
31/75 Asyl 117
37/78 Tree Again 125
Miscellaneous Works and ‘Bad Home Movies’ 133
Vernacular Studies: 49/95 tausendjahrekino and 50/96 Snapspots (for Bruce) 143
Colour Frame Enlargements and Pages from No Film 153
Reprints and Facsimiles 171
Collected Writings on Kurt Kren 173
Reviews of 31/75 Asyl, 15/67 TV and 28/73 Zeitaufnahme(n) 191
Interview with Kurt Kren 197
Notes on Kren: Cutting Through Structural Materialism or, ‘Sorry. It had to be done.’ 205
Interview with Kurt Kren 219
On Kurt Kren 235
Lord of the Frames: Kurt Kren 241
Interview with Kurt Kren 249
Apperception on Display: Structural Films and Philosophy 261
Filmography 275
Notes on Contributors 281
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